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Cisco Jabber for Android disconnects and goes offline after inactivity

Hi everyone. 

I'm deploying Jabber using RMA. Android app disconnects from I'm & Presence and/or CUCM couple minutes after user stops to interact with the phone.

I though the phones could just being in the low battery mode, turning off 4G/wifi connection, making the app losing connection with the service. I tried to prevent that, with no success. 

This problem occurs in several phones (Sony Xperia, Asus, Samsung S6, etc). After the last Jabber update (11.7), looks like it's even worse, going offline faster than before.

Anyone have seen this problem before?

CUCM, IM&P Version 10.5.2

Expressway Series Version X8.7.1

Jabber for android Version 11.7 and 11.6

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

By any chance is there a load balancer in the deployment?



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Thanks for your post.

There's no load balancer or even cluster configuration.

Varundeep Chhatwal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

there use to be some jabber bugs for these kind of issues but in later version of it , they have been fixed.

please make sure the below factors.

1. sip profile assigned to jabber mobile is correct with correct timers.

2. if you are having any firewalls in between jabber , EXE and UC servers ,  please make sure SESSION PACKET INSPECTION is not interrupting any jabber connectivity.

3. These kind of issues are reported when there is some TCP connection issue in the network.

4.  port 5222 , 5060 , 5061 should not be blocked any where in the path

Thanks for your answer. Here are my comments in your facts:

1 - I'm using the default values for Standard "SIP Profile for Mobile Device".

2 - Yes, there is a firewall between CUCM and ExpE. All the ports mentioned are open. I'll try to confirm about the packet inspection, but I'm almost sure that there isn't this kind of configuration.

What I'll try to do is connect a client in our internal network, making it not to register through MRA.

Lately, the problem occurs only with the IM service. The phone service stopped to disconnect. I also figured out how to simulate by just turning off my internet connection. The client goes offline and when the internet is back, only the voice service can reconnect as you can see on the image attached on the original post.

Please confirm if you face this issue when phone is in idle state or when you are switching the network from wifi to 3g or vice versa. Please disable Built in bridge on mobile devices and confirm port 5222 is not on inspection on firewall.

Hi Chhatwal

There's no packet inspection on port 5222. Built in bridge was disabled, and I'm still facing the problem.

This issue happens when the phone is on idle state (or if I turn off my 4G connection and turn on again). The app will never come back.

When using local network (no MRA access), the app works normally.

Thank you.

if this is only happening while jabber is over MRA , then i would suggest you to collect diagnostic logs from EXE-E and C and then check check in logs for the time frame when jabber went offline.

What do you mean with "check in logs for the time frame when jabber went offline"?

i meant that try looking in logs if you find any tcp connection error or any relevant error. Just maje you look in logs for the time frane when jabber was offline/idle.

Hong Keat Looi
Level 1
Level 1

I'm having the same problem like you. Jabber for Android on and off goes offline itself couple minutes after users stop using the phone. When the users aware that their Jabber is offline, they required to sign out and sign in again. The Jabber will not re-conenct again. 

I have been finding the cure since April 2016. This problem affected the whole company cannot use Jabber as their primary phone. 

I have been log the TAC support for few times and being advised to (turn off power saving mode, turning off 4G while on wifi connection, make sure no services port blocked (5060, 5061, 5222 and 8443) between the expressway E and C. However, no luck for me till now. 

So far as i know, it only happens to Android phone. We do not have this issue for iPhone users. Most of the affected Android phones was not in the Jabber for Android compatible list (e.g. Lenovo brand, Xiao Mi Redmi, Asus zenphone, Oppo and etc.). Curious, we do not have problems for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 users.

This prevent us difficult to implement the same solutions to others company. As not all company are with iPhone or Samsung phone. 

Same issue Here with Android device. All device compatible with Jabber, I'm using also Huawei P8 or Samsung Galaxy S5.

Jabber connect, works some hours during the day, but before the ending of the day I can't make any calls, also if phone services are registered.

The only way to recover Voice functionality is to reset the BOT device from CUCM consolle.

Disconnect and reconnect the Jabber Android Client.

Any solutions?



The current version looks better concerning this issue, but I still have a lot of clients complaining about it.

I have got different Samsung/Android mobilephones with the same issue.
After they lose her network connection for a moment, the relogin to IM-Service doesn't working automaticly.
At same time the relogin to phoneservice and voicemail is working fine.
Most of time we have to do a jabber logout with manualy sign-in for reconnecting the im-service. With the new phoneload 11.9 the same issue.


Cisco Unified CM IM- and Presence:

Expressway: 8.7


Are there any news about this issue?



Same problem here. On some phones brands like Huawei , Xiaomi and Motorola are working fine.

But on the Samsung smartphones we have a lot of complaints, we use 4g to connect. Once they get idle, they disconnect and they don't reconnect automatically. You need to open the app again and log in in order to get it work.

There's a way to solve this?