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Cisco Jabber for iPad generally available - See Comprehensive List of Resources and Let Us Know What You Think

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Back in March, we announced that a Cisco Jabber app specifically for iPad was coming soon. Today we’re proud to announce that the app is here!

With Cisco Jabber for iPad, we enable our Jabber customers to collaborate from anywhere on the world’s most popular tablet, utilizing high quality video, voice, presence, instant messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing and visual voicemail. Jabber for iPad also expands the integration between Jabber and TelePresence, giving you a way to initiate and connect into a TelePresence session from your iPad whether in the office or on the go.

Jabber for iPad delivers a complete collaboration experience for mobile workers who need instant access to information and decision makers and want to choose when, where, and how they work.

Jabber for iPad requires certain Cisco UC and Collaboration services to be in place in your organization, so please read the datasheet for details.

Download the app today in the Apple iTunes App Store. 

For support and technical questions, start with these documents. Additional support is available in the Cisco Support Community.

Use this thread here to let us know what you think. I’ve been using an Alpha version for months and I love it! Hopefully you’ll have the same great experience.


Mark Gervase

Marketing Manager

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Thread should read "The wait is over...unless you want to make calls"  In the meantime, the login page looks fantastic!

I know.....I know....but the software should be up there tonight....

Hi Everyone,

As luck would not have it, there seems to have been a technical glitch on .com preventing the posting as planned and they are working through resolution.

Please hang tight!

Laura Douglas

Cisco Collaboration Community Manager

So  a few questions....

Why must i signup for a Jabber account ( for the video and how does this tie in to webex connect, do i have to make all my webex connect staff signup for a jabber account?, and will it work with PC's on their video conferencing?

As well, because I chose webex connect I don't have the option for voice, will this be connected at some point as well as connected to CME and UC5x0 systems?

Thanks in advance,

Bob James

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Bob,

Jabber video service and WebEx Connect service are separate backends and do not 'tie in' to each other. One if for call contol and the other IM/Presence. (Not clear on your question about, "will it work on their PC's on their video conferencing?") ??

If you choose WebEx Connect service the 'voice' option you ask about is if CUCM or VCS is configured in the OrgAdmin as one of the Unified Communication options for call control (voice/video).  CME is not supported with the Jabber for iPad device for call control. (see datasheet for supported versions)

However, with WebEx Connect service you do get the P2P (device - device) voice/video that is currently supported with the Connect desktop client.

Further details:

Jabber for iPad has various backend deployment options...

--two for IM/Presence - WebEx Connect service or CUP

--three for call control (voice/video) - CUCM, VCS, Jabber Video service

Supported combinations for Call Control and IM/Presence:


CUCM & Connect service

VCS & Connect service

Jabber Video service & Connect service

Can also be deployed as standalone deployment with any one of the backends listed:

WebEx Connect service

CUP (CUP does require CUCM, but CUCM does not need to be configured for Call Control)



Jabber Video service

Hope that helps.

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Level 1

Hi everyone, thanks again for your comments, questions, and patience.

The Jabber for iPad COP file and TMS configuration template are here:

Have a great weekend, and keep sharing your thoughts and experiences with Jabber.


Mark Gervase