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Cisco Jabber for Windows desktop sharing


Dear team,

I tested Cisco Jabber for Windows and almost all features are working well except one which is desktop sharing.

As for the desktop sharing, the “Share desktop” icon is grayed out even if i use my desk phone or PC as the phone.

The infrastructure I am using is composed of:
-          CUCM version

-          CUP version

-          Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0.0 build 5435 (build date 18-01-2012)

Please advise.


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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Today in cup mode only bfcp based desktop sharing is supported. The current build for jabber doesn't support webex sharing. Once it does you can share your desktop using webex.

If you deploy jabber in hosted mode you will have two choices to do desktop share today which is webex or desktop share which has no dependacy on webex



Dear Srini

Thanks for the reply.

I am running Jabber in Presence mode and not Webex.

Is it supported in this build? Am I missing a config?

Please advise.


No it’s not supported today. It is on the roadmap. See here



Unauthorized, could not access it

"Please login to access this site (top right of this screen). If your login is unsuccessful, your login does not have the authority level to access this site."

Can you please share the content


You have to be registered at that site to be able to do beta for windows. How were you able to do beta without registration at that site. I could paste the content but I am not sure if I violating any community rules.




I got it through the local partner

I will ask him to check the link


Cool yeah might be better that way so that I don’t violate any NDA rules ☺



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Srini!  Thanks for you attention to the confidentiality of the Collaboration User Group programs.


The Beta is through the Cisco Collaboration User Group - a virtual user group with over 5800 Cisco customer and partner members.  The CUG programs are run in private spaces under the public Collaboration community.

You can join here:

Make sure you're logged in and click the Join Now button.  Complete the member registration process and you'll have access to the main private CUG space, where the Beta discussions take place. 

Looking forward to having you as a member!

Denise Brittin

Manager, Collaboration User Group


I alreay joined the group, but I still not able to see the page:

Any idea?

I use the Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0.1 build 8802, and I had the same desktop sharing grayed out issue. When Cisco will support it for Jabber in Presence mode.



Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0(1) was officially released on April 16, 2012 and is now available on the software download site.

Please view the following blog for more information.

Please report any issues regarding the released software to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

I hope that helps.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community



Acording to this part of the jabber admin guide:

"If you configure video desktop sharing in a hybrid cloud-based deployment, Cisco WebEx Connect provides desktop sharing functionality if users initiate desktop sharing sessions in instant messaging conversations. If users initiate desktop sharing sessions during an audio or video conversation, they use the video desktop sharing capabilities on Cisco Unified Communications Manager."

So, your desktop sharing button, in the chat window, may be grayed out because you have an on-premises deployment, without webex connect.

If, instead of opening a chat, you start a voice/video call using jabber and then click on the down arrow next to the phone icon, on the right, you should be able to start desktop sharing.

Hope this helps.

We're seeing the same issue. We have no WebEx, only premise CUPS cluster and using the jabber for windows that we downloaded from (not a beta version). Desktop sharing is greyed out, even on an active call. Does it require that both users have a video endpoint for some reason?


Not sure if you have seen this thread but it walks through the steps to ensure BFCP is enabled, COP file is loaded if running 8.6.2

Since the beta is closed, you will have to open a TAC case since JBW is FCS



For clarification, it sounds like in order to use Desktop Sharing for on-Prem Deployments using CUPS, you must be on an active call using a CSF softphone.  Is desktop sharing supported if one or both party members are using deskphones (7945, for example) ?  Also does the Desktop Sharing include remote control (controlling remote party's mouse/keyboard) ?

Thank you.


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