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Cisco Jabber for Windows desktop sharing


Dear team,

I tested Cisco Jabber for Windows and almost all features are working well except one which is desktop sharing.

As for the desktop sharing, the “Share desktop” icon is grayed out even if i use my desk phone or PC as the phone.

The infrastructure I am using is composed of:
-          CUCM version

-          CUP version

-          Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0.0 build 5435 (build date 18-01-2012)

Please advise.


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Uh, one more thing:

Does that mean that the data for the remoted desktop+keyboard+mouse need to flow through the WebEx servers?

I'm thinking about two domain users on our on-prem LAN sharing Control.

Thanks again!

I believe the tunnel may pass through the cloud but like Webex it is session based so no data stays persistent in the cloud. It will work on the LAN all day long, I use it within the company, external and in fact it also works between companies which is cool assuming both companies subscribe to the cloud service. CUWL STD also provides 1 yr free of this service



What is the maximum number of users allowed in a desktop sharing session?

Can we have more than point to point?

~Kay Leong

It is always point to point

If you need multi point you need a mcu or WebEx




Just looking back at old posts in this thread from nearly 2 years ago where Desktop Sharing + Remote Control  for on-prem IM+P was "roadmapped" for a future release.  Here we are almost two years later and I see the up and coming beta release of 10.5 still does not have this feature.  How can this be?????

Also, What are the plans for Jabber for windows to support more than just G.711/22 and G.729.  There is currently no support for protocols for lossy environments like iLBC.  (iLBC used to be supported on a Jabber for Mac version but was removed for some reason.) 

If Cisco wants to position Jabber on any device, including mobile, where there is high packet loss, how can you only offer these legacy protocols?


That's a question to pose to the Jabber product managers :-) not me. I don't work for Cisco, I merely post and relay information. Yes I feel the same pain you do that cloud mode is needed for this but as per Cisco they need to make heavy architecture changes to cup to support open standards content sharing which is taking time alongside the merging of all Jabber platforms to the same code base not that that helps customers in this case

Your second question has been posed before on the community. Karin W is the PM for the mobile clients for ios, this question should be posted to that team

iLBC Support


My apologies!  I should have looked closer at that.  You speak with such knowledge and authority, I naturally thought you worked for Cisco

Anyway.  Thanks for your note

John Burnham

Cisco Jabber Client 10.5 and above will support Desktop sharing.  I have shared my desktop with at least 2 other people at the same time on the Same Jabber "conference", I do not know what the max number of shares are.

currently I use 10.6.4

It is 5 with Jabber 10.X and increased to 10 now with 11 version client

Todd Hebert

Desktop sharing works great, except over MRA.  We're using Jabber 10.6.1 as per recommended by the UCCX 10.6 compatibility guide.  Our agents use it all the time to share their screens with floor Leads and Supervisors when they need help.  Everyone needs to be on the same major version if I remember correctly.  I don't think you can share screens from a 10.5 user to a 10.6 user although I haven't tested that.  Just standardize your version across the enterprise and you should be able to take advantage of all the advertised capabilities.  We used SCCM to push out the Jabber upgrade, got about 85% success rate.


can you share screens in jabber while remote?

Hello Robert ,

If you use a VPN connection you will have full screen share capabilities available to you.

If you are connected over Expressway(MRA) then you can only screen share using Binary Floor Control Protocol(BFCP). Essentially this means you will be able to share your screen if you are on a voice or video call but you will not be able to share your screen if you in a IM conversation.



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