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Cisco Jabber forward declined to specified target?

Hello all,

is there a way to forward declined calls from the Jabber for Windows client to a specified target?

By default, the call will be forwarded to the Unity Voicemail.

But as only a few users do have a voicemail assigned, I would like to set a different target for the others.

I found this:, but it is not described in detail.

Has anyone tried that?

Thank you, Johannes



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That *might* work, not sure

That *might* work, not sure what else you need for instructions??? you just follow the regular instructions for creating a VM profile, pilot, etc, but use a regular DN instead.



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We set departmental fm

We set departmental fm profiles for a customer, that actually went to non vmail hunt pilots.  It was laborious to configure (over 50 were required) and no doubt will be to maintain.  I believe 10.6.2 retains the call forwarding entries even after the cfwdall is deactivated. 



I'm having the same problem.

I'm having the same problem. Did you solve the problem ?

CUCM 9.1

CUIMP 9.1 

I've been configured Voice Mail profile with Voice Mail Port and Hunt Pilot, Hun List, Line Group but I couldn't decline the call. When I press the button decline it doesn't work.

I've been configured Voice Mail Profile and a DN for example:

Voice Mail Profile number 5060

Directory number associated with device number 5060 too.

When I try do decline the call it doesn't work. 

I don't have Unity Connection do send the call to it.


Hi,I solved the problem by

I solved the problem by using the H323 Voice Gateway to reject the call:

1) create a seperate Voice Mail Profile pointing to a Directory Number (e.g. "7015")
2) forward (Forward All) this DN to a Route Pattern e.g. "7016", that points to the Voice Gateway
3) on the Voice Gateway configure a reject rule for that DN "7016":
    voice translation-rule 7016
    rule 1 reject /7016/

    voice translation-profile 7016
    translate called 7016
on the dial-peer for the CUCM, add:
    call-block translation-profile incoming 7016
    call-block disconnect-cause incoming user-busy

There is probably a more straight-forward solution to that, but this one works great for my customer.
You can try different disconnect causes, depending on your local providers.

Hope that helps,


Hi there,

Hi there,

We solved it pretty much the same way. The only difference is that we have a dial-peer shutdown. It works perfectly, however it's a pity to have such a "workaround" in case you're not using VM.



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