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Cisco Jabber IM for Android is here!

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We are pleased to announce that the Cisco Jabber IM for Android application is generally available for our customers as of October 16, 2012.

Cisco Jabber IM for Android:

Stay connected while mobile: Cisco Jabber IM for Android delivers instant messaging (IM) and presence to your Android phone.

  • Access your desktop IM contact list and take action with features such as click to IM, click to call, click to email, and click to text from a person's profile.
  • Start or join an instant Cisco WebEx® meeting from an IM conversation.
  • Search for colleagues in your corporate directory.
  • Maintain security using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and by connecting your Android phone directly to the Cisco IM infrastructure - Cisco Unified Presence or Cisco WebEx Messenger.

Cisco Jabber IM for Android works with any Android device running OS Version 4.1, Version 4.0, or Version 2.3 and is a free download from Google Play for Cisco Unified Presence or Cisco WebEx Messenger customers.

Download Link

Download Cisco Jabber IM for Android for free, directly from Google Play

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Visit these sites and utilize these resources to learn more about Cisco Jabber IM for Android:


The Jabber IM for Android Team

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Does it support IPv6?


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi TJ,

It should. We are using HTTP layer communications of the Android OS. And Android is committed to suppport IPv6. You could find more details here:



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While trying to chat with a person using Jabber IM, I'm getting a policy alert which says, "Your system administrator does not allow communication with persons in this domain". This is after I login to the IM using Single Sign-On and able to see my contacts, but unable to chat with them due to this policy alert. Btw, webex meetings work from the same device on the same domain.

What should be done by our sys admins for us to use this IM for Android ?



Hi Ram,

As far as i know, this should relate to the policy enforcement on the org-admin. If you want to chat to somebody on another domain, you need to federate with that domain first. You could ask your sys admin about the federation support.



Hi Ji,

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I'm trying to chat with the people who are in the same domain as mine. So I believe, federated security will not be applicable in this case. Anyways, I'll check with my org admin about federation support.



Hello Jil,

I have the same issue that Ram, on my iPad Jabber works great but on my android I see all my contacts and I recive all message but when I try to send a message a get the same error "Your system administrator does not allow communication with persons in this domain" and they are from the same domain.

Hope you can Help us.



Hi Ivan,

If the Jabber for iPad works fine with your current org-admin configuration, the jabber IM for Android is supposed to work fine as well. please send the log to<> .

How to send log (you need to have your mobile email account been preconfigured):

1. Go to “Settings”

2. Select “Send feedback”

3. Provide the issue description as clear as possible, which would help us troubleshoot faster.


Ji Li 李吉

Technical Marketing Engineer (CUC-RTX & Jabber Mobility)

Hi, great app. I am having one problem though. It works great as long as I am connected to WiFi (work or home, any WiFi works).

But as soon as I go to Cellular data (either by walking out of WiFi range or turning of WiFi) my Jabber Connection drops and it shows that it is trying to connect but it never does until I get WiFi again. Everything else continues to work fine on Cellular data.

I have sent Feedback so I am hoping to get a response but thought I would mention it here to see if anyone else is having the same issue or if there is a fix\workaround\setting that I am missing.



I dont use the Android, I have Jabber for iPhone, and thought I would share in case its the same.

On the settings page for J4 iPhone, there is an Internet Calling options button.  If I click that, then I come to a new page, where at the bottom is a toggle called "Mobile Data Connection Networks", which I have set to ALLOW.

Maybe there is a similar option on the J4 Android?


Hi sdistef,

Thanks for the reply. I don't see any option like that in Jabber IM. Possibly it is only a Jabber option and not a Jabber IM option.

From the documentation:



If you lose your data connection, Cisco Jabber IM for Android automatically tries to reconnect you to a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.


Wi-Fi prioritization


The application automatically connects to a Wi-Fi network first, and then connects to other available cellular networks. This feature helps minimize unnecessary data or roaming charges.


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Does the Jabber IM for Android support ADFS SSO? 

When I enter my email address, I am taken to a blank white screen where it just sits.  If I go into the app and choose login with WebEx Connect manually, it immediately fails with "invalid login".

This is on a Droid Razr running ICS. 

I know the Jabber IM for iPhone did a similar thing for ADFS SSO integrated WebEx Connect hosted solutions - up until the recent update just released.


Hi Mark,

The SSO feature on jabber IM for Android should function as similar as jabber IM for iPhone. Did you hit the same issue when using jabber IM for iPhone? What domain do you use as your jabber ID?

Please send the log to mailer<>.

You will find how to send the log from the “Settings -> Help” of the application.


Ji Li 李吉

Technical Marketing Engineer (CUC-RTX & Jabber Mobility)

Ji Li,

We encountered the same issue on the Jabber IM for iPhone where we hit a blank screen during the login process. However, the most recent version of Jabber IM for iPhone release this past week resolved this issue, and we are able to process logins just fine.

ADFS SSO support also came natively on the first Jabber for iPad application.

It functions in all WebEx applications as well.

Our WebEx connect domain is, and my jabber ID is<>

I will forward the logs right now from this email address. I cleared all app data, opened the app, attempted to log in through my email address and let it sit at the blank screen for 30 seconds, then hit the settings button, and Manual WebEx login, and that failed with invalid login almost immediately.

Casey Bleeker |

Junior Network Administrator | Colorado Commmunity College System

T: 720.858.2824 | M: 303.330.8467 | F: 720.858.3126

Hi Casey,

In the latest release of jabber IM for iPhone (1.0.4), we added the support of standalone SSO which means it will invoke Safari to open up a standalone web page for the user to fill their SSO credentials and after that, it will bring back jabber IM for iPhone client and proceeds from there.

Can you confirm that your jabber IM for iPhone behavored as what i described above?

I 've also forward your reponse to the DEV team and from what i heard from them, it sounds like they didn't received any log from you. it would be helpful if you can confirm that as well and re-send the log if that is the case.