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Cisco Jabber IOS/Android Persistent Chatrooms

Tee Bee
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I'm wondering if joining/creating persistent chatrooms is going to be release for mobile applications in the near future. We can enter and create rooms find from PC clients but I think it would be great if we could do the same from an IOS or android platform. 

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Any kind of roamap/future feature questions cannot be addressed at CSC as that info is NDA.

You would need to post in the Partner community, assuming you're with a partner, and/or reach your SE/AM for this.



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We have the same problem.

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Agreed this should be a higher priority. Our users are falling back to Skype as they have this type of functionality across all devices. Also, conversation history needs to flow between Jabber desktop clients and mobile clients.

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I thought we were finally going to get this feature with the latest release on Android (and I assume on iOS as well).  The "whats new" section of the notes indicate persistent chat (beta) is available.  I can't see anything on my client however.



The same for me, no persistent chat button on the last jabber 12 for Android. Anyone know how to solve?

Actually I just found the release notes (they weren't available when the new version dropped).  You need to add a setting in your jabber-config.xml file to enable the chat rooms.  The default setting for the client is 'disabled'.  I have tested this on my deployment and can now access chat rooms from mobile clients (including through expressway/MRA). 


Applies to Cisco Jabber for mobile clients.

Specifies if persistent chat is available in the client.


You can set the value to true, only if the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Instant Messaging and Presence server version is 11.5su5 or later.

  • true—Persistent chat is available in the client. You can set this
  • false (default)—Persistent chat is not available in the client.

Example: <Persistent_Chat_Mobile_Enabled>false</Persistent_Chat_Mobile_Enabled>



Great Frank, I forget the existence of Jabber-config files. :-)
Inserted the line <Persistent_Chat_Mobile_Enabled>true</Persistent_Chat_Mobile_Enabled> in the client section and voilà! Works like a charm.
Thank you very Much Frank

Alessandro Bertacco

Hello Team 

i did couple of lab test on Jabber mobile IOS ( IPhone ) and android mobile Persistent chat room it's working fine but when i tested on IOS IPad i couldn't  see the feature there .

can someone please advise if he tested  Persistent chat room in tablet and it's working . 

Top on existing and working persistent configuration on IMP , an entry below in jabber-config xml file enable persistent chat room on all mobile devices.



Tested on Jabber on Android , iPhone and iPAD. 

These clients will be able to join meeting rooms , add participants to existing if privileged to do that.

But not possible to create new chat rooms on Jabber mobile/IPAD devices.