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cisco jabber on HTC one X

Hi all,

is there any one using cisco Jabber on HTC one X.



Accepted Solutions

can you useing on the ONEX?

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can you useing on the ONEX?

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I don't have a onex...

Uriah Erter

I have an One X and I am unable to get it to connect to my CUCM 8.6. Does anyone know if there will ever be support for the One X?

I'm having the same problem trying to configure a co-worker's HTC OneX (running 2.2) with Jabber ( and connecting to CUCM 8.6. The device shows both Phone Service and Directory are connected, however, CUCM shows the device as Unregistered. Since the device shows the service as connected, it will let us dial and press Call with no errors but get no ringback, only silence, therefore no calls will complete. Directory is working fine.

Has any heard from Cisco support on this? Is this a flat no that this is an unsupported Android model for Jabber? Will someone from Cisco address this thread, please?!

-Randy Krudop


We are running the latest version of Jabber for Android and connecting to CUCM 8.6.  The device links up and works with the directory and the phone service is also connected.  On the CUCM it also shows it as being registered however I cannot make a call.  It looks like the call is about to occur but no remote line information shows up in the window, nor does it actually make the SIP call.  The mobile device gets signaling information as the phone lights up when a call is coming in and from whom, however when you pick it up there is no sound.  The call information also shows an ERROR on the CODEC. 

This all works perfectly fine in our organization with Samsung branded phones such as the Note II, Note I or Galaxy S3.

Jabber may register to CUCM in all HTC phone , but the one-way call symptom will appear. Seem Cisco Jabber not compatible with Android phone except Samsung.

HTC Velocity same deal, cisco still has a client out there that is pretty awfull in terms of supported devices. I am not saying it s#cks big ha1ry $%keyballs but its close seeing the increased presence of androids out in the market. 

plus what's the deal with running it on a motorola OS 2.3.4?? how old is that!    /rant off

9.1.3 release notes:

Requirements for Users and Devices

Cisco supports Cisco Jabber for Android on the following Android devices:

  • Motorola MC40 Mobile Computer with Android OS 2.3.4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II with Android OS 4.1.2
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android OS 4.1.1
  • Samsung Galaxy S III with Android OS 4.1.1
  • Samsung Galaxy S II with Android OS 4.0.4
  • Samsung Galaxy S II SC-02C (NTT Docomo) with Android OS 2.3.3

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Please remember to rate useful posts, by clicking on the stars below.

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