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Cisco Jabber Voice 9.1.9 can't working on iOS 9.0 or higher

Anson Zhang

We are doing the evaluation with Cisco Jabber voice for iPhone 9.1.9, before iOS upgraded to 9.0, the Jabber Voice for iPhone works correctly. With latest iOS version, it can't works correctly, always shows with disconnection to CUCM server. Also I found I can't download the Cisco Jabber Voice from apple store in currently.

Does anyone have the same issue or what‘s happening with Cisco Jabber Voice?   



Do we need to configure a new profile (cisco dual mode for android) and to associate it to the user ? 


Anton Nechay

We trying to register Iphone with iOS 9.0 and iOS8.6 on CUCM&CUP 11 but it is not working correctly

in 10% of connection trying everything is fine but in 90% when Jabber voice is trying to connect to CUCM it download 1 of 4 certificates and say that could not connect to server.

All android is working fine

Please advise what to do?

Carefully read this discussion.


I tryied to implemet Your recommendation abot .xml file modification but there is no success

Are there any ideas how to solve this problems?

Do you understand the difference between new Cisco Jabber and old Jabber Voice?

Yes I understand. I mean new Cisco Jabber 11.1

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