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Cisco Mobile for iPhone & iOS 5

Hi all,

Will Cisco Mobile 8.1.2 support iOS 5?


Shinnosuke Takeda

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Cisco Employee


kwuhrman, thanks.

Chris Capasso

Hello.  I upgraded to iOS 5 and am running Cisco Mobile  Currently, I can connect to everything, but when I get an incoming call, nothing happens.  I get the option to transfer call to Mobile 8 if I am currently in a call, but that is it.

Anyone else running into this? Is this a bug?

Check your notifications settings (for iPhone, not Cisco Mobile):

Settings > Notifications > Cisco Mobile

You likely have Alert Style: None selected, switch to Banner or Alerts.



I did have nothing set in Notifications.  However, even after doing so, nothing has changed.  If I have an incoming call, nothing displays on Cisco Mobile 8.1.  This includes if I have the app actively up on the screen or running in the background.  Basically, I do not receive incoming calls on Cisco Mobile 8.1.

I assume that you can place calls?

If yes, can you email me the logs (under troubleshooting in Cisco Mobile 8) to



Yes, I can place calls.


I have had some mixed results but nothing very good so far. Cisco Mobile 8.1 for iOS will ring on the iPhone if the app was recently started. After just a few minutes it will not ring the iOS device and if you re-open the app it restarts like it was not open.

When it does ring it behave differently on the iPhone 4 and 4S. On the iPhone 4 there will be a short blip of a ring then it goes away and you cannot answer the call. This is regardless of whether it is a banner or alert. On the iPhone 4S it rings properly. On both devices after a short period of time they no longer ring.

Placing calls seems to have worked so other than the phone seemingly needing to register every time the app is started.

I had none of these issues on the iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.10.

After further testing, if I were to restart or rest my Mobile 8.1 in CCM User, I could place and receive calls as normal. However, there were a few times where the exact scenario described above happens.

Everything worked fine on the previous iOS release.

Please doublecheck your native notifications settings again, it appears that these do not update consistently:

1 Tap the native iOS device Settings icon   

2 Tap Notifications

3 Tap Cisco Mobile

4 Slide the toggle beside Notification Center to the ON position

5 Tap the notification style you want: “Banner” or “Alerts”.

6 To see a count of missed calls or voice messages on the Cisco Mobile icon, slide the toggle beside Badge App Icon to “ON.”

7 To hear Cisco Mobile ring while in the background, slide the toggle beside Sounds to “ON.”

8 To hear Cisco Mobile ring while the phone is locked, slide the toggle beside View in Lock Screen to “ON.”

If that doesn't fix your issues, please email me your logs from Cisco Mobile at (after enabling detailed logging).



I found the fix for this problem.  Delete the Cisco Mobile app from the IOS device, redownload it from iTunes, reset the device.  Everything works perfect on the app after doing this.  It seems the restored data after the upgrade causes the problem. 

Another workaround is to re-enable user editing of settings.

We are working on a fix of this problem.

Where do you re-enable the user and what settings do you edit? On the device or in call manager? We are having the issue with the voicemail password field being grey.

Is there an eta on the fix? Thanks!

On Communications Manager - this is an admin setting: "Allow End User Configuration Editing"

The Admin Guide can be found here:

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