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Cisco WebEx Assistant for Original Spark 55 Boards


I have noticed there are many features that the original Spark 55 boards do not support. We enabled the Assitant in the admin hub and waited a few days but the functionality has not appeared. Is this another feature that will not come to the Spark Board 55 just like wallpapers?  

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Ratheesh Kumar

Hi there


i haven’t played much around with the old spark boards. But, since the intro of Room OS all the old devices will be transitioned to new OS.


And with WebEx board 55 which runs on Room OS, the WebEx assistant is totally supported.


Below are some useful links- for “what’s new in WebEx boards” and Known issues and limitations




Hope this helps




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We are actually on RoomOS 2019-04-23 fbcc553c56a, but it's interesting, the what's new section says we should have the Wallpapers functionality too but when you call support they said that's wrong Spark boards will not get wallpapers only roomOS devices will currently. I was like we have roomOS on ours (Confused.) But I get it there is different hardware across WebEx devices and different versions of RoomOS due to the current and legacy hardware but the documentation and websites do not relay that.

The funny thing is I now noticed they update the Branding part to say WebEx boards are not supported.

My understanding is the extra UI considerations unique to the Board (e.g. no Touch 10, home/waffle button, touch interface, etc) cause them to solve the 80% rule first on the Room/Kit devices first and then come back to the Board. As you stated, they all run on RoomOS now. The Board runs the same Nvidia Jetson SOC as the other current-generation equipment so it's not a hardware limitation to my knowledge.

Webex Assistant is coming to the Board devices shortly - it’s in the beta channel now.

Thanks for the Info!

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