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Configure Cisco WebEx Meetings Server on Jabber 10.5

I'm trying to configure Cisco WebEx Meetings Server on Jabber client, but the configuration guide it's not upgraded for Presence server version 10.5:

How do I configure it??  If it's not necesary any more to do it on Presence Server, on jabber client properties, on conference configuration option, it says that can't validate URL, missing login and password, but I haven't input yet.

Does anyone has done this confiugration that could give me some ideas on how to do it??


Juan Carlos


I also found this problem in

I also found this problem in the documentation. The presence configuration option doesn't seem to exist anymore.  I added our Webex Meeting Server as the conferencing server in the UC Services on CUCM and then added it to my Jabber Service Profile.  It then shows up as the WebEx site under the 'Meetings host account' in my Jabber options. 

The problem I'm having is that I cannot login to it. I gives me an error: "Cannot verify your account. Check your password and then try again."  It doesn't give me the option to input a user name or anything (although it should be using the same AD login as Jabber, so that shouldn't matter). 


Turns out that WMS uses the

Turns out that WMS uses the email address as the username while CM/Presence/UnityConnection all use the actual username.  By altering the "Credentials source for web conference service" in the Service Profile to be "Not set" I am able to edit the login info in Jabber and connect successfully to our WMS.  Does anyone know another way to do that automatically so each user doesn't have to configure it themselves? 

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That waorks, but it is not

That works, but it is not that great to configure that for a lot of users.

Anyone found a better solution?

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For what it's worth, I ran

For what it's worth, I ran into this limitation some time ago, and there was no solution I could locate.


Essentially, CCM (assuming

Essentially, CCM (assuming UDS) End Users need to have and alias that matches the CWMS Login. Assuming the CCM has active AD integration and you are using an on-prem CWMS, you can enable AD integration for the on-prem CWMS so that the login usernames will match in both applications.

If using Cisco's hosted Webex service, you woul have to make your CCM End User alias's match the hosted CWMS login usernames or, manually adjust in each Jabber client, as you mentioned.


Hi Ryan,

Hi Ryan,

In UDS integration scenario, My CCM End users are using user id without domain portion (ex: albert, instead of and My CWMS using domain portion (

In LDAP integration scenario, My CCM End users also using user id without domain portion (use field sAMAccountName).

Because i think it is common to have user id without domain portion, as it will be easier for users if they want to login to user self care portal or login EM on their phone.

any workaround to resolve this issue?



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