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Mark Congiusta
Cisco Employee

Conversation window behavior in deskphone control mode

As part of the next release of  Jabber for Windows, we are working through some designs for suppressing  the conversation window when using Jabber in conjunction with a desk  phone. We have heard the numerous requests on this community and  elsewhere for an alternate approach to the current model where anytime a  call is initiated, either from within Jabber or from a CTI controlled  desk phone, the active conversation window comes to the front of the  user's screen. This has created issues for many dedicated desk phone  users who find that this can interfere with multi-tasking and interrupt  other workflows contrary to their desired preference.

In  response we have agreed to explore other options for users who are  looking for a different user experience. We would be very eager to get  feedback to the following questions which will help us prioritize  feature specifics and allow us to confirm or reject our assumptions. Our  questions are:

  1. When  in CTI (desk phone) control mode and I make or answer a call from my  desk phone Jabber SHOULD NOT bring the conversation window to the front  of all other open applications, yes or no?
  2. When in CTI (desk  phone) control mode and I initiate a call from within Jabber on my  computer or click "Accept" on the Jabber call toast window on my  computer the conversation window SHOULD come to the front of all other  open applications, yes or no?
  3. Should there be a user option to "Never bring conversation window to the front when in desk phone control mode", yes or no?
  4. If this is a user option, should that user option be checked or unchecked by default?
  5. Should this option (also) be an admin setting, yes or no?
  6. When  in CTI (desk phone) control mode and using desk phone video, the  conversation window SHOULD ALWAYS come to the front of all other open  applications regardless of any user setting, yes or no?

Also,  please share with us any specific use cases that either aren't captured  in our questions or in any previous discussions on this topic within  previous community threads. All general feedback on this feature is  welcome as well.

To  be clear, we are not looking to have people vote rank these features,  we are instead trying to understand as precisely as we can what user  expectations are so we can then design the best solution with the  greatest amount of flexibility to appeal to the most users.

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.

Stuart McGrath

Any advance on the Pop-Up functionality being optional?, While some users like it the majority find it annoying and intrusive.



We currently are finishing implementing our IP Phone telephony project and this obtrusive and annoying popup during calls is preventing us from rolling the Jabber client. I think it should be made optional, not forced, on users to have this popup appear whenever there are calls. Something like Yahoo Messenger wherein the window stays minimized but "blinking" in the lower right corner.

Any updates please?

Hi. Our current plans based on the large amount of user feedback we have already received is indeed to make this a user configurable option. We are working to get this feature into Jabber as soon as we can. Stay tuned for updates early in the new year.



Good news. Looking forward to the new year this functionality.

Sorry for Google translate.

That's good news indeed!

Count us (~500 endpoints) as another customer that is unwilling to go to Jabber until more customization (i.e. disable screen pops) and better notifications for inbound IM's arrive.



Is there a update to when the new version will be released? 

Answers below.



3.) YES

4.) default to not bring to front

5.) Yes

6.) NO

Still continues to be the #1 complaint! and reason why people are not using Jabber.


Good news - waiting for that feature here, too!

Just in case it's still of interest:

1.    Yes, SHOULD NOT

2.    Yes it SHOULD

3.    Yes

4.    If 1) and 2) are implemented, I would go for unchecked (but maybe that has to be evaluated when the feature is available)

5.    Yes, why not

6.    Yes, if possible - but regardless to setting 3)? I don't know...


I'd like to throw my two cents in as well as I just ran into this with a client who did not want calls showing up in their Jabber when in deskphone mode

1.) Yes should not bring. In fact should be configurable if they want calls at all in their Jabber when in deskphone mode    2.) Yes

3.) Yes

4.) Unchecked

5.) Yes

6.) No


I got an email that two new replies have been added to this conversation but i can't seem them?

Where have they gone?


there's a new release this month, version 9.6.1 build 18100, but that one still have the popup issue.

created by Sergei Kharchenko in Jabber Clients 

Hello Mark Congiusta!

I installed the new version of Cisco Jabber (EAP-Drop3.v9.7.0.18197). And at the moment I have only one question - what the ?

When I installed the Cisco Unified Presence I had 2000 users. Because of the pop-up window is now 267 users!

The project failed completely. And all because of you that managers can not negotiate with programmers from India.

I must admit that it is better to study the products Microsoft, as demonstrate leadership benefits of Cisco products such pointless.

Sorry for Google Translate.

What happened to this post?

Damien McCoy
Cisco Employee



We're recorded a short 90 second preview video of the 'Conversation Windows control when in CTI Control (Deskphone) mode' feature. It's here.


Product feedback as always is much appreciated. The feature is still under final development and test - we will schedule a live demo of this and other features shortly.


thanks, Damien



For when we can get the final version released for download.



Thanks for this, Damien - that will be good to have! BUT -  from watching your webex recording, it appears to do nothing about the problem of interrupted work due to pop-ups from incoming calls. The incoming pop-up also takes the Windows focus. This is found to be annoying when a user is just trying to finish an action prior to answering a ringing phone. The pop-up can be sent to back by simply clicking on some other Window, but if a user is typing when his phone rings (and the pop-up occurs) and especially if he is looking at the keyboard whilst doing so (as the majority of people do these days) the characters he is typing are lost and he has to move his hands to the mouse to change Window focus. A survey of my client's Jabber for Windows users reveals that they would rather rely just on the phone ring to announce an incoming call and they would turn off the incoming pop-up if they could.

kind regards


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