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Converting recorded sessions to MP4

Good afternoon,

I was attempting to convert a video the other day and the following prompt came up:


In the prompt it mentions "an additional webex conversion tool" to convert files to mp4....Just curious as to why we have to download additional components to the WebEx ARF player in order to convert from .ARF format to .mp4. As well, is there any type of a stand-alone version of this conversion tool available for download?  If there is please let me know, as it would be very helpful for myself and those that I work with.

Warmest regards,

Jason A. Leeser

IT Support Specialist

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Cisco Employee

Hello Jason,

for .arf files all you need is the NBR player, however when using mp4 there is an additional component which WebEx requires you to log-in for tracking purpose, if you deceide to convert in to mp4 format. Please see atached screenshot for more details and this link with additional info.

Thank you,



You didn't answer the question - what is the URL we need to enter to download the conversion tool?


Which site URL do I need to enter?

The version of the converter has to match the version of the player so it is best to download the converter from the same site you downloaded the player. Typically you use the site where you have your webex account, tools are under the user/Meeting Center >> Support >>Download on the left side after log-in. The MP4 will be additional tool and so the URL is again your WebEx site with WX credentials.


Hi Miro

Please help out, I have searched around and have done all things suggested, but no progress

I tried the url where I downloaded my webex recording player

which didn't work, error message said "incorrect url"

then I tried, still didn't work, same error message

then I tried, still didn't work, same error message.

what is the right url to use? this has been really frustrating


hey Miro:

tried everything for url, still showing incorrect url, please advise

here are the urls I've tried:

none of them works, this has been very frustrating...



do you have paid WebEx account? If so which URL is your account associated with? Or are you using the with free basic account?


Hi Miro, I am using the free basic account.

Can you please try with and let me know if that works? You will need to use your basic account log-in credentials.

We have tried this internally and it is working fine.



It worked, thanks a lot!

Thanks for this thread.  I finally figure out how to convert my .arf files to .mp4s.

One thing I made sure to do - was to open the Network Recorder Player first to "open" the file, rather than double clicking the file.  I also used "" -- which finally made it work.

It says: - incorrect url

Thank You


then your webex username and password

It worked for me

What's wrong? I've free webex account.

version 2.31


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