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CUC Licence issue

My CUC Has enhanced License installed but no Basic License installed ... When I add user it consumes a basic license so a message of insufficient license appears ... how can I make users consume from the enhanced license ?


Thanks in advance.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Enhanced is not a kind of voicemail license. It's just for CUCM. You will need separate licenses for CUC. Can you share a screenshot of your PLM license page?


EDIT: Learned something new today: there is an enhanced license type in CUC.  I've never seen this before.


So, I guess the answer is, you cannot assign a specific license type to a user, but instead, the system allocates the license type based on features used.  Therefore, if the system only deems it necessary to allocate a basic license, that's all you'll see consumed.  With the ability to borrow licenses from higher tiers, the deduction will come from Enhanced.  Same as CUCM.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Type of licenses

●     Basic User License - Cisco Unity Connection user and interoperability functions are offered under a single, low-cost Basic user license that you can use for all core functionality (voicemail, unified messaging, or integrated messaging).

●     Enhanced User License - Get all the user and interoperability functions available with the Basic license plus the Cisco Survivable Remote Site Voicemail capability for branch-office users. Enhanced licensing provides a second standby mailbox at the branch office for remote users.

●     Cisco SpeechView (transcription services) is an additional per-subscriber, subscription-based license that provides speech-to-text capability. Learn more about Cisco SpeechView.



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Thanks Jaime for your reply, I already know the difference between basic and enhanced license but as you see in the attached picture, we bought only enhanced license, no basic license available ... how can I make users consume the enhanced license not the basic one ?


If you want to enable users for Enhanced Messaging then you need to configure users for SRSV. The Unity Connection SRSV users are reflected under Enhanced Messaging tag only when the branch is active.

In Cisco Unity Connection 12.x and later, Cisco Smart Software Licensing supports license hierarchy, in which higher level licenses are utilized to fulfill the request for lower level licenses to avoid a shortage of the licenses. Following are the licenses included in license hierarchy in an order from higher level to lower level:

  • Unity Connection Enhanced Messaging User Licenses (12.x)
  • Unity Connection Basic Messaging User Licenses (12.x) 

So, for CUC 12.x and later, if you have purchased Enhanced Messaging User licenses but users are configured for basic licensing (SRSV Branch not configured) then Unity Connection will automatically use Basic Messaging User License. If license hierarchy is not working in your case then you can open Cisco TAC case as there were issues in the past. 

In Unity Connection 11.x and earlier, license hierarchy is not supported. You need to purchase separate license for Basic Messaging and Enhanced Messaging.



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.
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