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Dear all,

We wants to use Windows Teams on cloud and CUCM on premise. How can we integrate it?

Thanks in advance


MS Team Direct routing can also be done using CUBE:


Waiting for Cisco phone system & MS teams integration document ....


I'm in the process of attempting to use this with CUCM and provider in the following way


Teams <--> CUBE <--> ITSP 

Teams <--> CUBE <--> CUCM 


I'm doing this on an ISR 4331 and using CUCM 12.5. I have an ITSP and most of my issues are regarding hold and transfer. When I try and put teams client on hold, says "Park Failed". Some Audiocodes say it is due to the sending of an a=inactive. I don't believe PSTN phones can even deal but CUCM certainly seems to use a similar method. 

* Inbound calls are great, set up fast, teardown fast.

* Outbound call Delayed call setup time and call teardown time, sometimes seems to fail and then it rings again and I can pick up. It's not the same every time, it sometimes is not noticeable so that worries me. I get intermittent 487 Request cancelled from MS if I guess my ITSP is taking too long to respond. It's not a good experience. 

* Call hold issues - When I try and put teams client on hold, says "Park Failed".

* More call hold issues - When I take an inbound call and try to put them on hold, the calling party stays on hold indefinitely and the call drops on the teams client. 


I just think its a really big configuration, we have SIP TLS going on, SRTP/RTP interworking, PKI configuration, the whole kitchen sink is in there so I can't pinpoint the issue. Lots of header manipulation as well. I don't know if the CUBE is unable to process encryption quickly or if its MS or my ITSP causing the lag. Probably not my ITSP because I've used them for a long time but certainly a possibility. 


Anyone else in the same boat? 

Hi - it is best to use Ribbon SBC since it is 100% supported by Microsoft.

Has anyone tried integrating MS teams (without phone system) with CUCM for URI dialing to team? We are attempting to achieve this functionality and any input will be a great help.

I think that variant incredibly difficult


Buy (or try) SBC from Ribbon.
Configure SBC to connect with both Call manager & Microsoft Teams.
Assign Teams licenses in so everyone has at lease E3 & phone system license.
Load Teams clients on windows desktop, iphone, android phones.
User Microsoft power shell commands to configure Teams extensions for your users with phone system licenses.
If you use Web admin of Teams, it does not work.
We have done it many times and can you help you. I can be reached via blog or

We have been deploying Teams and Cisco CUCM for the last two years. There are many Issue you can run into either On-Site or in Azure that can cause delays or even scrape the install. Once installed calls ring Teams and Cisco phones simultaneous, 4-Digit dialing on both clients & Voice Mail. We use Ribbon Session Border Controller SWe-Lite, can be set-up in a Cloud and On-Perm for redundancy.


Email me with any questions:

Is there any documentation as of yet for MS-TEAMS-CUBE-CUCM integration.


I have built this integration out with call control as per the demo below

Cheers, Steve

Unified Calling and Recording is in integration method and platform built by ITIC Systems in this demonstration that allows an incoming call to to ring on yo...

Very Easy; 

Get Ribbon SBC and configure it to talk to your Call Manager.

We have it running smoothly where our iphones have Teams clients using to Teams to dial using Cisco call manager.


Can CUCM version 9.12 use ISR 4321 to integrate with Microsoft Teams?

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