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CWMS call using computer problem



We have met a wired problem about CWMS. When users enter into a webex meeting and connect audio using computer, it will take a long time to connect or cannot hear anything after connecting. If we exit the meeting and connect again, or set up a new meeting,  it may become normal.

My CWMS information is as follows:


server: Admin + Media + IRP (single)

support 250 users

Is there anyone met the similar problem before and provide any advice ?


Ratheesh Kumar

Hi there


I am curious to know if you are hitting this defect CSCur27821


When an end user joins a meeting, after 10 minutes, it experiences one-way audio and needs to hang up and join the meeting again. No audio comes from CWMS, but audio from the end point is heard on CWMS side. 

This is caused by RTP audio port change by the end point during SIP refresh that takes place every 10 min. 

When CWMS sends SIP INVITE during SIP refresh on a 10min interval and the end point responds with the 200OK, but in that OK message it changes the RTP



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My suggestion leads to a TAC call

Hope this Helps

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Dear Ratheesh Kumar,

I think that's not the "10 minutes interval" problem.

What I have met is that:

-It take a long time to connect audio by computer or mobile webex app


-cannot connect audio by computer or mobile webex app at the first time with error popup(no error code, just prompt: try again or try other ways)


-there is no voice after connecting audio by computer or app at the first time


if try to connect again, everything becomes normal.


It happened casually and confused users. They complained to me: you need luck to finish a webex meeting without problem......

Hi Hyacinthzhu,


We are also facing the same issues with CWMS system wherein it takes a long time to connect audio by computer or mobile webex app. Users have to try 3 to 4 times in order to get connected with PC audio. It happens intermittently and many users have started reporting it now. 


Did you have any luck in fixing the issue?

If yes, can you please let me know what was done to fix it. 



Navneet Sharma


Yes, please try to restart cwms admin/media/irp servers, it will fix the issue.

I don't know the reason, but it's the only way I have found.

Waiting for your feedback.

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