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disable calls with video silently in jabber 9.2.6



My company just bought Jabber 9.2.6 and as an application packager I was selected to create a package that installs Jabber completely silently. I have no problems with the installation but they gave me instructions to select the "Never start calls with video" option and I cannot find how to disable this silently anywhere. I found that for previous Jabber version this was set in the jabber-config.xml file but I cannot find it anywhere in the 9.2.6 install. I thought this maybe was set through the registry but couldn't find any registry keys for this either. the only configuration files I see in Jabber install folder are          "", "jabber-config-defaults", "jabber-plugin-config", "jabber-ui-config", "plugin-config" and "StartupHandlerConfig". I couldn't find anything about calls with video in these files. Does anyone have any idea on how to enable this "Never start calls with video" option in Jabber 9.2.6 please?


Nebojsa Mihajlovic

Hi Gabriel,

you should follow instruction from CUCM docs :

Migration of Cisco Jabber Video Settings

In Cisco Unified Presence Release 8.x, the Always begin with video muted setting is configured in Cisco Unified Presence Administration under Application > Cisco Jabber > Settings. This setting is not migrated during the upgrade to the current release. In the current release, this setting is configured in Unified Communications Manager as a Cisco Jabber Enterprise Parameter called Never start call with video. The default value for the Never start call with video setting is False. If you want to configure calls to not start with video, you must set the Never start call with video value to True in theUnified Communications Manager Enterprise Parameter configuration window.

And from Jabber side you should set StartCallWithVideo parameter in jabber-config.xml.

In short:

  • Admin should set Never Start Call with Video parameter to True.
  • Admin should set StartCallWithVideo option to False in jabber-config.xml.



Thank you very much for your answer Nebojsa. I had already seen that I had to configure this in Unified Communication Manager but I didn't undertand that this is a separated software. I'll chech with Jabber application owner if he has this software since we need a Cisco service contract to download it.

thanks again.


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