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Iyad Musleh

Error: Emergency call could not be routed using some route patterns

We are running CUCM 11.5.1 SU6 and CER 11.5.4.  We connect emergency calls to PSTN via AT&T SIP trunks (IP Flex).  I received an email notification from our Emergency Responder the other day with the subject "Emergency call could not be routed using some route patterns". 


The body of the system-generated email contains the following (spelling and grammar errors included):



This mail is generated by Server : AA-CER-01 Emergency call from  :12345  could not be routed using some Route Patterns.Check Event Log.


Emergency call from12345could not be routed using the following Routepatterns.


Call Routed to BBBBB.911--5552222222

Please check the availablility of the above routes.

Also,Check for the following error conditions.

 1)If FAC and/or CMC are configured on the route patterns used for CER, please disable them.

 2)If the "Calling Party Number Modification" flag on the CER user page in the call manager is not enabled, please enable it.



For some reason, this call failed to use the assigned ERL routing info of AAAAA.911--5551111111. (branch office specific). Instead, it used the default ERL BBBBB.911--5552222222 (main office).  The call was routed to the PSAP, but didn't have accurate branch office location info, due to this.  Strangely, two other 911 calls were placed from that same branch office that day, using the same assigned ERL, and were routed accurately and without issue. We haven't seen this error before and it hasn't happened again since that day.


I checked the settings referenced in the email and they were already set properly.  Seems to be a temporary glitch, but need to know what the root cause is.   No other errors reported in RTMT.  Not sure of this was a problem in the second leg of the call, from CER to CUCM, or if the problem was on the third leg, from CUCM to PSTN.  I've checked CUCM CDR and SIP logs and it doesn't show the failed routing attempt, only the call that used the default route. Which make me think the problem was on the CER side.  However, the CER event logs only show the same info as presented in the system email it sent us originally. 


Has anyone else had this problem or know what may have caused this?   Are there more detailed logs in CUCM or CER that would show failed emergency call routing attempts?


VoIP Engineer

I'd start by running some tests using the dialed number analyzer inside of callmanager.  You could simulate emergency calls and see what happens.

Running DNA doesn't reveal any issues and we cannot replicate the problem. Any emergency call using that route pattern goes through.

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Have you looked through the CER logs?  They are pretty easy to follow and could provide more clues on the cause here.

Yes, I've looked at the Event logs. Systems Logs-->CER Logs-->Event Viewer.  Is there a more detailed log kept somewhere else?  It only gives the same info that's given in the system email, which is not much.

What about the CAR / CDRs?  Or, better yet, a call accounting software if you have one.


Also, if you look in RTMT, do you get any route list exhausted alerts?


Yes, under System Logs --> CER Logs --> CER Admin, CER Server, JTAPI, etc. some of the detailed logs there provide more details.

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