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Expressway MRA onboarding with Auth code

Clifford McGlamry

Customer is asking about being able to use onboarding with auth codes over MRA.  I've been trying to lab this up, but I've run into a couple of issues and the documentation really isn't very clear.

I can’t turn on cloud onboarding and this is apparently because my CUCM is operating in evaluation mode (I don’t have a SMART account).  I *might* be able to use yours, but I don’t know if it would allow me to use my domains (i.e. not the customers) for cloud onboarding with their SMART account or not.  I think it would, but I haven’t gotten that far.  And if it allowed me to do it in a POC environment, how would I get those domains "released" from there (i.e. turn it off at Cisco?)?

Second issue, I have to turn on Oauth with refresh on the expressway and on CUCM.  This is a problem.  They only way I can even do that is by setting the expressway to set it to “SAMLSSO and UCM/LDAP” for the authentication path because I don't have SSO in my lab.  However, this option allows either to be presented.  I can turn on the oauth with refresh option and hit enable the allow activate code onboarding check box….BUT as soon as I do this, it seems to break MRA for my regular logins. This seems odd to me and I'm not sure why it would force the use of SAML/SSO if you need to do this.  

Third issue:  the whole driver for this is that the customer wants to be able to use these auth codes to allow the phone to log in each time via expressway instead of using a username/password.  I'm looking at the documentation, and I do not believe this will accomplish that.  The customer believes he saw a presentation that indicated it would.  Anyone have any experience with this that can chime in?

Any guideance/thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.  


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