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Expressway MRA Single NIC deployment Inquiry

Hi All,


Blessed day! May we know if there has documented guide for the deployment of Expressway Single NIC for MRA setup? 


Thank you.




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Adam Pawlowski
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Ralph,


It follows the same as the traditional Expressway deployment with a Single NIC. Namely, as far as I am aware (and I am no pro) that means a Public IP or NAT reflection, a public FQDN, and calls will invoke the B2BUA which results in some additional resource utilization.


I use MRA with a single NIC, no reflection, public IP/FQDN, and it works just fine, but, your environment may vary.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.
We have successfully configured this setup using NAT reflection. However, we have experiencing issue on login as we have different two domains (for example):
External DNS -
Internal DNS -,

From Core, the services: and / and was already resolvable to

We have also uploaded jabber-config.xml on all CUCM TFTP.
Try to login first internal and it was successful. Then connect to external/public, can login but phone services not available. We have also try to sign out first before connect via public but same issue.

Hope you can help on this.

Thank you.