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Feature Request - Export group chats with files to OneNote or others

Level 5
Level 5


We are testing Cisco Spark with mainly using the group chat feature. For specific work-related tasks, we have different chat rooms (deployment, CUCM migration, upgrade, etc.) There we log relevant files and issues we encountered for future reference. I think it would be very beneficial for Spark users to be able to export chat room content.

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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Check out the partner trial dashboard. I believe this is a feature of the portal. Not a user facing feature which is what you may be looking for

This is from the Cisco FAQ

NOTE: Today, a compliance export is available so a designated company representative can obtain a log of

company messages and files in the event of a court ordered subpoena.

Thanks for the response,

So, who is this "company representative" ? How can I export that information, practically?

How Long is this data stored for?

What if the room was deleted? Can you still export this data?

Is this an option the customer would have available or just the partner?



Lukas Vinkler
Level 5
Level 5

Fikri, I do encouage you to use API and download all relevant data from Spark this way. I played with that it works great. go to developers pages for Cisco and find spark and there are nice step by step guides.

Having an API to code something that does this is not something a general user of spark is going to do. The Application needs it built in.

Can you provide the API name /URL which extract chat messages/history  from the particular spark room?