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How do I handle back-to-back AUDIO calls using WebEx??

I have some questions. (1) Background: This morning we had scheduled 5 AUDIO calls, back-to-back. We had decided not to use the video capability because people had sent in their presentations and we had paper copies. We just wanted to use the phone/audio capability of WebEx. The first call was scheduled for 1 hour, the next 4 calls were scheduled for 30 minutes each. However, the first call went long by 20 minutes. The next call went long by 45 minutes and so forth. On the 4th call, someone accidentally disconnected themselves and when they tried to call back in, there was a recorded message which stated that the number was no longer valid. So I want to know, if the original call was scheduled for 10:00-10:30am and the call does not start until 10:45am, will the dial in and participant code still work? Is the dial-in and the call valid until the call is terminated? (2) I scheduled the call directly in Outlook as a meeting invitation on my boss's calendar. Does he need to use or does he have a 'host code' or something to start the AUDIO only or is just the participant code enough to get him onto the call? (3) I scheduled these calls in advance and for the last two weeks they have been changing the days, the times, the order of the calls... does the WebEx participant code follow all the changes? (4) Should I wait until the last minute to add the Audio dial in info? (5) In the Outlook calendar meeting invitation when I click on "Add WebEx" how do I set it all up where just the AUDIO info shows so people don't get confused about trying to use the video capability? I need help! April 2, 3 and 4 have full days of back-to-back calls and I don't want to have more problems next week and get in trouble for something I feel I have no control of. Thanks in advance.

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