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How long LDAP update changes in Jabber4W client

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My query is if I change my telephone number in Active Directory, it doesn't flow through to the Jabber client, unless I shut the client down, and reopen.

Fellow collegues still see the old telephone number until they do the same. We are on 9.2.1, and I was pretty sure it was almost instantaneous in prior version, even though the issue would lay with the CUPS / LDAP integration.

Could someone advise if they change an attribute in AD, how long it takes to flow through to the end user including collegues who are watching? Or am I missing something in config in CUPS server or something.



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Hi Mal,

There should be some action that will require changed contact to do a new search on LDAP.

For instance, you could try and call with changed contact, my guess is that Jabber will do another search on LDAP and update current contact.

Please respond if this doesn't gets changed contact resolved for that user.



Hi Srdjan,

Thanks for your response. I've done some further testing and what I am experiencing with 9.2.1 client is.

1. I change telephone field in AD to new phone number.

2. I run a wireshark instance on my PC, with Jabber client.

3. In Jabber client, I do search on user who I just changed phone number.

4. Do view profile and it is still showing old details.

Now when I check the wireshark trace I can see the LDAP query from my PC to LDAP server and the response from LDAP server to my Jabber username search shows the new phone number just changed in the packet.

Therefore the Jabber client is searching the LDAP correctly and LDAP is sending the correct information, but Jabber client not updating the user details.

Last note if I shut the Jabber client and reopen, the new phone number will populate the user.

If anyone can do a test to see if they have the same experience with 9.2.1 client, just change a phone number in AD, and then do search on user and see if new number replicates.

I'm sure with previous versions it happened instantaneously???