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How to send the same message to 1000 jabber clients simultaneously?

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Hi all

As far as I know there is a "300 contacts limit" for jabber clients. The requirement for my company staff is sending message to 1000 jabber clients simultaneously. How is it possible to do this?

We have 1000 branches in our bank and so there are managers on these branches.  That's why we need sometimes to send message to these specific people simultaneously.

Any ideas, recommendations are appreciated...

Cuneyt Evliyaoglu

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The maximum number of participants in a group chat is 200, so i don't think its possible to do it with native features available on Jabber and IM&p.


Hi Manish

Group chat limit is 1000 users according to this FAQ document

Need to verify that since the release notes for jabber 11.5 would be a more recent and updated document that this one. I will check if i can get a confirmation about this.


Hi weihan lu

In some cases email is alternative way to communicate. But if you need pop-up screen  on PC of the staff when an urgent case happened (such as currency or internet rate  changes,  some banking applications  down .etc) you need something more faster.

jabber vs email can be discussed as whatsapp vs sms 

Why do people use whatsapp instead of sms  even sms packages are nearly free of charge.

Anyway, I checked the broadcast feature and it is worth to try

Also the communication should be one way communication but it's not possible with jabber. ( I should broadcast message to group but they should not send me, I think this is not possible via blocking people as  the broadcaster can't send message to one whom he or she blocks )

Hello, Manish.

May be you have heard about broadcast message that jabber client of a sender doesn't save transmitted message in his history.

I haven't found any words in the later release notes for jabber up to 11.8

Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Why don't you simply use mailers?? I assume you have a mail system, you can do something like a mailer per branch, with all the guys from that particular branch, and create a global one, with all the branch mailers.

This is easier, and you make sure everyone gets the message, even if they're not logged into Jabber.



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Christopher McAlpin
Community Manager
Community Manager

Jabber 11.5 added the Broadcast Message feature:

  • Broadcast Messages with Rich Text and Emoticons—Broadcast messages allow users to send a single message to multiple contacts. Users can select multiple contacts or a group of contacts from their contact list and send a broadcast message to all of them at once. Recipients receive broadcast messages in the same way as normal 1:1 chats. In cloud and hybrid deployments, offline contacts do not receive broadcast messages.


    No configuration is required to enable this feature.

I think email is still a better easy way to deal with this situation. But I tend to agree using Broadcast is also an alternative. But you may need to add 1000 users to your contact list. And they might require you to update the IMPS contact list limitation to allow more than 200.

You may want to add those 1k users to a DL then add the DL to your contact list. But again, why not using email if you have the DL.

Import of contacts could be done via LDAP lookup available in UC 11.x solution.

Has anyone experienced any performance or security issues with 1000 simultaneous messages? 

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