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how to take backup of contacts add on jabber



We have a customer requirement that want to take backup of jabber contact which is installed on PC's


Please let me know is it possible also i want to know where does the contact gets saved of jabber.


since if we add contact on ipad or iphone and if we used the same username password on PCs we can see same contacts.


Waiting for reply. 

Chris Carlson


find the page " export user contact lists"


i believe this is the only way. Or you can create your own file and import it.


i might be wrong but i don't believe you can do an export any contacts that they created outside the system as of yet.


I have the same request here...


The customer wants to backup the contact list from the Jabber users. Especially the personal contacts created by the enduser.

If the PC is replaced or Windows crashes, the user would have to enter them all again.

The personal contacts are not saved on the IM&P-Server, the others could be easily added to the contact list again.


The personal contacts are not saved under APPDATA\Local or APPDATA\Roaming (tested by deleting the CSF-folder -> contact list did not change), and I can't find any appropriate file under C:\Program Files\ or in the personal folders.


Would appreciate if anybody has a solution for that.


Thanks, Johannes

Hi Johannes,

Did you find a solution for this? I'm in the same situation here.

Kind regards!


You can use the export option in IMP server GUI to create a CSV file for a particular user (filters can be selected as desired).


Step 1 Choose Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Administration > Bulk Administration > Contact List >Export.

Step 2 Use the selection criteria to find the users whose contact lists you want to export. See the Online Help topic in the Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Administration interface for more information about finding and selecting users.

Step 3 Click Next.

Step 4 In the File Name field, enter a name for the CSV file.

Step 5 Choose one of the following:
• Click Run Immediately to execute the Bulk Administration job immediately.
• Click Run Later to schedule a time to execute the Bulk Administration job. For more information about scheduling jobs in BAT, see the Online Help in Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Administration.

Step 6 Click Submit. If you chose to run the job immediately, the job runs after you click Submit.

Step 7 To download the export file after the job has run, choose Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Administration
> Bulk Administration > Upload/Download Files.

Step 8 Find and choose the export file that you want to download.

Step 9 Click Download Selected.




Thank you, that worked on exporting an individual end user's contacts.




I did open a TAC case and have been told, that all users (including the manually created personal contacts) are saved on the IMP server.

I did test and it worked properly.


So it is possible to create personal contacts on a PC and then login to another PC with the same user and all the contacts will be synchronized.


IMP server version is 10.x




What's the procedure to backup all contact list??
Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Backup your IM&P server, all the contacts, corporate and non-corporate are stored in the IM&P DB. There is no need to backup anything directly from the client PC.



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Is there a way to export contacts from IM & P Sub when IM & P Pub is down without backup.




Hi there


Please check this link and see that works for you !



Hope this Helps

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Is there a possibility to synchronize Jabber Contacts with the Personal Address Book (Hardphone)?

Or can I add Jabber Contacs as Addressbook as a Service on Hardphones?

Becase contacts in the Personal Addressbook on the Phone aren't the same as in Jabber. 

I did not found a solution for that... in the end customer like to have same contacts on both clients.


thx, kind regards



Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

There is no way to do that, the contacts from IM&P are stored in two different tables (one for corporate and one for pizza guy) in IM&P's DB, and then ones from the services for IP Phones are in CUCM's DB. They're not connected.


There is nothing built-in, you might be able to script something to do what you're asking, or try to build a custom service/tab to try to pull that info.



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