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How to turn off spark client on cell from ringing

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We have spark clients on our company cell phones that ring when our desk phones ring and we are out of the office.  When we setup remote destination time schedules in the CUCM ( to only ring the cell phone at certain hours ) this does not work.  The spark client on our cell phones rings every time our desk phones rings no matter what day or time, even with schedules set.  The only way we have found to stop our cell from ringing is to CFW all = to voice mail...on the desk phone.  There has to be a way to simply tell the system not to ring the spark client.  Even if it is a manual entry somewhere.  The spark client on the phone does not have to be running for it to ring.  It rings anytime. 

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Hi, Martin,

I found this article that might explain the behavior you are experiencing if you are using Hybrid Call Services (you don't specify in your post).

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

Thanks for your response. I looked this document over but unfortuantley it did not address our exact issue. We want to be able to easily turn of Spark calls to the remote iphone with the touch of a button or check box. without having to logout of the app.

Hi there

See if this helps you,

For iphone/ipad

Tap Me , choose Advanced, and then turn off Discover Devices: Use Ultrasound.


This will turn off automatic pairing for all devices.

Hope this Helps



This is currently not possible. And as mentioned in the article that Kelli linked, it gets even worse when you have both Spark Hybrid Calling and classic CUCM SNR then you end up having two calls on your smartphone - one from the Spark app and one from the mobile network


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The concept of "Quiet time" shouldn't be that hard to understand.  Right now we're telling people to just close the Jabber app, but when we get Apple Push Notifications working, I expect this will become a bigger deal for us too.