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Nico Bellack

IM&Presence privacy issue

Hi @all,

we use a CUCM 9.1.2, a IM&P 9.1.1SU6a and Jabber for Windows Clients 10.5.1.

In IM&Presence Settings we disable "Allow users to view the availability of other users without being prompted for approval" and "Enable ad-hoc presence subscriptions"

In Jabber the privacy policy is set to "allow" (it is the installation default, must be changed by the user).

With these settings we have problem with die availability status. If User A adds User B to his contact list, User B gets a request (Popup) to allow or block. If User B doesn't answer this request, User A can view the availability from User B.

Is this a normal behavior or a bug?

thx for your help


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I believe That's because you unchecked the "allow users to see availability..." Checkbox



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If "allow users to view availability..." is checked, there is no request to User B and User A sees the presence status of User B. that is even worse.

If "allow users to view availability..." is unchecked, User B gets a Popup with a allow or block Option.

If User B blocks User A, User A cannot see the status of User B. That's okay.

But if the reply of User B is outstanding, User A sees the status of User B.

The problem is, that User B must block User A. Without blocking User A, User A sees the status.

If the jabber is offline (i.e. User B doesn't want to use it) and User A adds User B, User A sees if User B is on the phone in Jabber.  That's a big problem for us.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Well, I think that then you should also disable ad-hoc presence, because if you have the Outlook integration, when you add the user to the email, it will show his presence, and you can hover over it to get details.

What you're seeing is WAD, not a lot you can do about that.



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we have ad-hoc presence disabled, but User A can still view the Status of User B, if he is not explizit blocked.

Our Workaround is to set the privacy value in Jabber to "block all" via the IM&Presence API (it is Server stored) for all Users.  

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