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Incorrect presence status in Jabber for Windows 10.5

Hi all,

We are testing JFW 10.5 and I think its the best version so far. But we are seeing a issue with the presence status.

Sometimes it shows a user available but in the fact, the user is offline (client closed).

We are running CUP version: and CUCM:


Any suggestions?



Dennis Baert

We have the same issue, but also with other J4W clients.

Disabling en re-enabling a user for CUP is a crappy workaround.

One cannot disable and re-enable ALL jabber users in the hopes they won't be facing this issue.

We have a running case at TAC, however we always get the comment "update the jabber client and give us a ring whenever this happens so we can do some real-time troubleshooting".




Has anyone resolved this issue with TAC yet?  I constantly have a user here or there that don't show correct status, I have two CUPS servers and have found that if I move the user from one to the other after a couple minutes their viewer status goes from unavailable to correct status, but this work around is not a resolution.  Before I open a TAC case I am trying to find out if there was a resolution, currently on Jabber 10.6.2

We haven't fixed this yet :( same problem in Jabber for Windows 11.5.X and with CUPS 11.

Will you contact TAC?



Hi Skirk,


Did you find a solution for this presence issue?? I´m having the same trouble in CUP 11.5 and Jabber 11.9






Same problem.


2x IM&P Servers 10.5 - System version:

Jabber Version 11.9.1


Other than TAC anyone have a fix?

We're having the same issue with V 11.9.1.  Random users status won't update when on a call, in a meeting or away unless manually changed.  Anyone have any luck on a resolution?

I remember issue with Jabber that required the user to logout everyday in order to prevent stale connection with the UC nodes. Does anyone recall? 


Using 11.9.2.  Status always says "Available" when I'm logged in, even when I have a meeting in Outlook or am on a phone call.  If I go back to 11.5.1, status works fine, although I'm not getting photos.  But I prefer the look of the newer version, and contact photos work.  Just need to fix the status issue.

I reverted back to 11.5.1 on my main PC.  It shows when I'm on a call, but doesn't show when I'm "In a meeting".  Also no photos.

I tried installing Jabber on a PC that never had Jabber installed before - same version, same environment - just a different PC.  Everything works - including on a call, in a meeting, and contact photos.  So it doesn't appear to be a server-side configuration issue.

On my main PC, I've tried everything I could find as far as uninstalling, deleting related registry items and program data folders, etc., and reinstalling - with no luck.  Back to only "on a call" working.  I can see other users' statuses just fine, and integration with Outlook (I can see other users' status in Outlook).  It just won't pick up my status or display contacts.

I have the same problem, Jabber 12.1 beta fix it for me

I'd like to give it a try.  Got a link where I can get this beta version from?  Thanks.

Thanks.  I don't have access to that, but I know someone who does.  I'll give it a try.

I have the same issue, did you find any solution 

Same issue here.

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