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Integration of EMC Documentum and Cisco Quad?


Can you please elaborate on the current state of this Cisco-related collaboration article entitled, 'Integrating ECM and Enterprise Collaboration' (dated: May 10, 2011), seen at:

For it states, "... And this is what EMC (specifically EMC's Information Intelligence Group and Cisco are planning. The two companies have announced that they will integrate EMC Documentum and Cisco Quad — enterprise content management and enterprise collaboration — to create a new separate solution, yet to be named."

Regards, David

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Re: Integration of EMC Documentum and Cisco Quad?

Hi David,

The architecture of Cisco Quad implements an abstraction layers for integration with enterprise content management systems based on CMIS. Advanced functionality is supported through specific API's based on the back-end system being connected into Quad. Administrators can configure Quad to point to different backend repositories depending on the service provider they wish to levarage. There is no significant user experience difference other than the features that "light up" to take advantage of Documentum or SharePoint for instance. Quad currently supports integration with EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint. This level of interoperability is included within Quad, it is not a separate solution. I hope this helps, let me know if you need further assistance... - Mike


Re: Integration of EMC Documentum and Cisco Quad?

Hi Mike - Thank you for your answer!...

FYI: A couple weeks ago I emailed you the following text via the Collaboration User group – don’t know if you got it?:

“Greetings Mike, I just registered for an account on the Communities site and noticed your familiar name/profile - for I work at the NASA Glenn Research Center and still Administer our eRoom sites here. I am familiar with you, for our NASA civil servant project manager at that time, Steve Prahst, had our Collaborative team talk to you about the landscape of Knowledge Worker applications (that is now several years ago when you were with the Meta Group and Gartner). Our team now desires to expand our horizons and gain knowledge of what Cisco now has to offer in the Collaboration applications space? Regards, David Wenner”


David Wenner

GRC Knowledge Worker Infrastructure (KWI) Support

Enterprise Applications Branch

NASA Glenn Research Center

(216) 433-5901


Re: Integration of EMC Documentum and Cisco Quad?

Hi David,

Nope - never received it - sorry about that. I remember being out there years ago to go over collaboration initiatives and different solution options - great to hear from you. Nice to see the term "KWI" being used! I know we had a visit out there when I was at Meta - can't recall if we connected again during my Burton Group days. Hope Steve is doing well.

I work with various teams here and will have someone coordinate a discussion on our collaboration apps. Thanks for reaching out! - Mike

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