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Ipad Application for Webex Event Center ?

I am suprised to see that the Webex Ipad App is compatible only with Webex meeting Center. Is there no possibility to join a Webex Event using an ipad?

Thanks for your help !

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WebEx Event Center at the moment does not support iPads or smart devices but we do have plans to do so in the future.  All of the WebEx products, Meeting Center, Event Center and Training Center require extensive development work in order to support new features such as mobile clients. 

Thanks you for your response. I have this anecdote to share that illustrates one of the functional needs for Ipad compatibility in Webex Event Center : I was once webcasting our CEO in an all-employee Webex Event but this was in an auditorium and he was too far from a screen to be able to read the questions on the chat, so the chat moderator had to hand him the questions on Post-it notes. So during the Q&A he joked about this "wonderful post-it-based technonolgy that had all of us together on a global basis". This is why we'd really like to give him an Ipad: so he can enlarge & read the questions on the chat.   

Wanted to follow up on the question of Getting Webex Event Center working on the iPad.  Any slated dates this update will be available?  Potentially isn't there a flash-based web app like Puffin that would enable Webex Event Center to work on an iPad?

Please advise!



Yes, an iPad application including Event Center is forth-coming.  However, due to the public nature of this forum, you  will need to have a discussion with your Cisco account team for more specific dates.

Event Center and Training Center will be on different releases, BTW.


Mitch Ah-Tye

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I do not have access to view that post. Can you please share the post to my email (demichelep AT

thank you.

Euh... same for me. I cannot access this post. Can you share it to my email ?

The Cisco WebEx Conferencing BU has been building the business case for Event Center mobile support. If this is a feature you need in your environment, please provide input on...

How many end users attend your events today?

Potentially, how many of those users would attend on the iOS and Android platforms?

Thank you,

The WebEx Meetings Mobile Team

We have about 1000 participants per month on average, and I estimate that some 15% would switch to a mobile device right away if they could. Then in the future, I believe that this share could grow up to 25%.

Hope this helps !

Best regards 

Thank you.

Several hundred on each call with a significant percentage (over 50%) that would attend from an iOS or Android platform.

Maureen - anything to report on the development of a WebEx Event Center client for mobile devices?

Hi Jason,

Our target for mobile on iPad/iPhone is Nov time-frame, Android is late Sept. EC mobile support is in parallel to development happening with the WebEx conferencing platform, hence the "target" time-frame. Good things to come.

Thank you for your follow up.

Cisco Employee

Android will be supported on Event Center as of v6.0 coming out this week.

iOS has been pushed to January.

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