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Ipad Application for Webex Event Center ?

I am suprised to see that the Webex Ipad App is compatible only with Webex meeting Center. Is there no possibility to join a Webex Event using an ipad?

Thanks for your help !

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January is nearly over and still no ability to join an Event Center Meeting with an iPad? Please, can you give us an update?

Hi Brian,

It's been a long road and it's almost here!! will find Event Center support in v7.0 that is scheduled for submission to the app store in less than two weeks. It is in currently with our customer in Early Field Trials and they are loving it.  I have posted the latest Feature Summary for WebEx Mobile and went ahead and included the 7.0 releases of both Android and iOS, even though they are not quite available via the app stores.

I'm sure you will be happy with this it.  Thank you for your patience.

I just joined from my IPhone on a  Cisco EC meeting and it joined just fine, audio/video content

Cisco Employee

Hi Brian - no other issues reported for non-lockdown sites.  Stated WebEx site version to support EC is WBS 29.8.

You are already running a site later than 29.8. so the feature should be there. Maybe check on site admin if mobile access is turned off. That maybe an issue

Cisco Employee

Brian, can you please send me an email directly with your site URL?  There is a backend 'super admin' requirement that should already be enabled for iOS to join EC, but I would like to confirm that for your site.

Additionally, per Srini's comment, I presume you are already using your iPhone to join other WebEx meetings.

Thank you.


So it's been a year and still no WebEx Event center support for mobile devices?  Or did I miss something?

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