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ISR 4k not consuming SRST license

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Level 1

We have ISR 4K series router with IOS 16.09.05.

we have enabled SRST (Max dn and max ephones command has been added) We have enabled smart licensing and we have SRST licenses in our smart account but still I can’t see router is consuming any SRST License

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Was there already a case, where phones registered to the SRST-router?
If no, why should the router use the licenses then, if no phones where registered to it?

so you mean to say when phone registers on the gateway then only it will consume the licenses ?

because we have 2 gateways where we can see in Sh license summary - we can see Ep- SRST license entry.

In this gateway , I can see below :


License Usage:
License Entitlement tag Count Status
ISR_4331_UnifiedComm... (ISR_4331_UnifiedCommun...) 1 AUTHORIZED
SRST v12 Endpoint Li... (SRST_EP) 50 AUTHORIZED


but another one with same config and IOS only showing UC license

License Usage:
License Entitlement tag Count Status
ISR_4400_UnifiedComm... (ISR_4400_UnifiedCommun...) 1 AUTHORIZED

We do not have any phone register on any of these gateways.

Then maybe you have configured your SRST incorrectly, as it seems that the 4400 isn't requesting the SRST licenses.
In the Cisco docs it states the following:

"Upon successful registration, the device sends an authorization request to CSSM for the licenses in use. For each license type requested, if the Smart Account has sufficient licenses, CSSM responds with Authorized . If the Smart Account does not have sufficient licenses, CSSM responds with Out of Compliance .
Post successful authorization of the request, licenses are bound to the requesting device until the next authorization request submission."

I followed the cisco document and I have configured the max dn and max e phones under telephony services along with source ip

For SIP also voice registrar profile has been created with max pool. 

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