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J4W 11.8.4 Cannot start Webex meeting using Join button in Citrix

We have a problem with our Citrix users.  All are running J4W release 11.8.4

Some are having an issue to start the Webex meeting, using the join button in Jabber.
Error popup "The Webex meeting is not currently available. Try again Later"


But when they open Outlook and open the meeting bij clicking the "Join Webex meeting" they can join the meeting. And!

When they close the meeting and then rejoin by click the join button in Jabber is also works.


But when you create a new meeting and then wants to join again from Jabber, again it will fail.


In the log of Jabber a huge amount of data. 


I included jabber.jog as part of the Jabber dump.

at line 22769 for example the error
2018-06-15 08:10:50,694 WARN [0x00003db4] [framewnd.cpp(65) ] [MeetingService-MeetingSDK] [CMeetingCommunication::onMeetingLaunchFailed] - Launch fail 951132932 2
2018-06-15 08:10:50,694 DEBUG [0x00003db4] [framewnd.cpp(383) ] [MeetingService-MeetingSDK] [CExtMeeting::OnLaunchExeMeetFailed] - CExtMeeting::OnLaunchExeMeetFailed
2018-06-15 08:10:50,694 DEBUG [0x00003db4] [contriextCPContainer.cpp(68) ] [MeetingService-MeetingSDK] [CcontriextCPContainer::Fire_OnMeetingError] - CcontriextCPContainer::Fire_OnMeetingError
2018-06-15 08:10:50,694 WARN [0x00003db4] [SinkOneClick.cpp(90) ] [MeetingService-MeetingSDK] [CSinkOneClick::OnMeetingError] - meeting failed, error code: 30 error info: unknown error, please confirm with meeting team



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Re: J4W 11.8.4 Cannot start Webex meeting using Join button in Citrix

Hi there


Please check if you are hitting these conditions. If Yes, then its an Enhancement to Cisco.


Jabber will fail to launch the correct WebEx meeting URL when the users press the Green Join Button for their scheduled meetings.

If the customer is using a URL filter. Which filters URL's to make sure they aren't malicious, then returns the URL as a redirect and allows them to access the actual URL internally.

The behavior that is observed is that when they click on join, Firefox opens, and the URL is incorrect and errors out. We see that in Outlook, when they hover over the "Join WebEx meeting" link. That is shows the proper parsed URL from the URL Filter/Proxy. Though the link that is parsed by Jabber and provided via the Join button is incorrect. As Jabber shortens the URL versus just copying the full URL from the Outlook Meeting Link.

Jabber BU states that the following are the current two methods that Jabber users to parse a URL for the Jabber Green Button:

1. The first is to parse through the appointment text to see if it can locate any patterns that resemble a WebEx URL. If so, it'll copy that value and attempt to use that to join the meeting.
2. The second method is directly from the WebEx Meetings Cloud, where it'll pass the direct URL to join whatever meeting is scheduled. In both cases, there are no methods to alter this URL

Based on the above, a customer with URL filters/Proxies cannot join meetings from Jabber using the "Join" Button.

Users must launch the meeting from their Outlook email.
Hope this helps!


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Re: J4W 11.8.4 Cannot start Webex meeting using Join button in Citrix

Hi Rathees,


I don't think so.
When you don't make changes on the meeting. Why when you first start it from Outlook it works.
When you then push the green button in Jabber it also works.

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