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Jabber 10.5.2 Chat Interface Latency Delay Poor Performance High CPU

Several users within my organization reported slow response when sending instant messages in Jabber.  The interface response was very sluggish when opening chat windows, sending, typing messages etc.  Response was almost as if the typing was buffered.  Pressing enter after the message s could take 2 seconds before the message was delivered.  We noticed high CPU when using the chat interface.  

Restarting the Jabber client did not resolve the issue.  

I closed Jabber and renamed the history files on the affected clients then re-opened.  This restored the application / interface performance in every case.  One of the chat history files was only 1MB so I am confused as to why a  chat history db that small would adversely affect the interface so much.



4/23/15 Additional Information: 

Installed Jabber 10.6.2 59142 on a client experiencing the issue in an attempt to resolve. The issue still persists until the history file is renamed/recreated evern after the upgrade.

ZyEdge SMARTnet

I'm having the same issue. So far no resolution with the exception of what you did. If I find anything I'll let you know.


This worked for us. Cisco has an open Bug for this issue: CSCuu02593.

Awesome thank you!


I have the same issue and clearing out the history did temporarily fix the problem. I do think I figured out part of it. After a conversation had a few images inserted that tab became slow again. All the others were fine, but when receiving new messages from that account the delay returned.


We have some users that have this problem as well we are on the latest version of Jabber. Some of our developers think the issue is related to the SQLite database used by Jabber to store history does not have indexes.


We had the same issue here and did find a fix.  It seems that the new IE11 cumulative patch KB3038314 was the root cause for us.  We always QA Microsoft patches before release and all QA personal reported the issue.  After removal of that patch the issue was resolved!  A reboot was required but not needed to see the change in performance.  Can one of you guys give it a shot and see if you have the same result.  Right now I am just attributing it to our environment but it would be great to get other feedback from others.


wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3038314 /quiet /norestart

Thanks for the info.  The users that are having a problem with it in our company are on IE11.  However, they don't have this patch.  Could it just be a bug with IE11?


Very few of my users have IE11, most are on IE10 because of various company websites we work with that do not support 11 yet. With that being said I still ran the wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3038314 /quiet /norestart remotely on all of our PCs because there are a couple I know of that have IE11, and I was able to remove this update from 1 pc. Safe to say we all still have this problem with the terrible delay. If I sign out of jabber and get back in it is better for maybe an hour or so and then it's back to being terribly slow.


Any true fixes available yet?

ZyEdge SMARTnet


Here's a link to the bug id


We noticed this issue during the same time period.  We are running 10.6.1 and 10.6.2.  I wonder if a Windows Update is causing the latency/lag?  The lag got worse from 10.6.1 to 10.6.2. 


Edit: I didn't see the entire thread before posting.  Removing KB3038314 really isn't acceptable at this point as a performance issue in Jabber takes a back seat to security issues in IE. 

*Edit: after rebooting my system since uninstalling KB3038314, things seems to be much better now and staying that way.

Hey Guys,

MS released another patch that cause the same problem. (KB3049563)

Seems to be that all patches related to IE11 will cause this lag on the chats. Just thought of post it in case you update Windows and see the same issue again (I am using Windows 8.1)

Jonathan M.

You are correct on this being present with this update as well and thank you so i did not have to track it down.  It is an update other versions of IE too (we are on 10).   Cisco is forcing users out of webex and into jabber but our users have had nothing but issues and bugs with jabber.  Webex had its issues too but at least they were consistent. 

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