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Jabber 10.5 - Cannot create custom contacts

Level 4
Level 4

When I go to File > New > Custom Contact I get the window where I can enter my contact's data.  I put in the display, first, and last names as well as a work phone number.  When I hit save, the following error pops up:

Unable to save custom contact.

Try again later or contact your system administrator


I am a local admin on the PC, which is Win 7 64. 

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Level 1
Level 1

I get the same thing since I upgraded to V10.5.0.  I found that if I actually exit Jabber and re-launch the program, sign back in, it works.  Unfortunately, I have not had time to fully fix the issue.  I just applied the band aid. 



We are facing the same problem. Has it been solved?


Thank you.

I have not had any time to fix or report it.  I just keep using the work around.

Hello All,


I also have this issue very annoying. Seems to affect almost all versions of jabber and doesn't have to be a custom contact either. Some times if we add someone outside the org it will fail too.



I am on 10.6.4 and had to restart client as mentioned above.


I have been experiencing these same issues when I'm signed into jabber on two clients. On my desktop and the laptop. If I sign-out of Jabber on both and sign back in on just one device the contact that generated the error shows that has been updated correctly and any new contacts from that point forward do not generate the error until I sign into another machine.

Tapan Dutt
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Make sure at the time you are adding a Custom contact in Jabber, the client is connected to presence server. 

I assume that the above is true, if that is the case please can you generate a Problem report for the time this happens.




I am using Jabber 11.1 and this problem seems to have been carried forward from earlier release.  The work-around described by others does not work for me.   For as long as this has existed as a problem, Cisco should either provide a fix or remove the option from the software, preferably the former.


This was fixed from Jabber 10.6 onwards and fixed in Jabber 11.1 too.  Try clearing the cache and Restart the jabber. 



How does one "clear the cache" for Jabber?

Hi Daniel

The cache is stored in a folder called "Jabber" which can be found at this location if you are using Jabber for windows.

C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\

Under Jabber > CSF you have the following folders Contacts, History, Logs, Photo Cache etc

Exit Jabber and delete the desired folder.

Restart Jabber



Outstanding. I went into the Contacts folder and deleted the entry there and it allowed me to edit the profile.

Thank you!

I just tried this and it took care of my problem.  Thank you!

Jason Aarons
Level 6
Level 6

I had this problem with J4W 9.7 but it added it despite the error.  Seemed cosmetic.