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Jabber 10.6 What special characters are allowed for password?

Hi All,


Recently had an issue with a client where they have Jabber 10.6.0 Build 52330 installed and running it with CUCM They only use jabber to control the physical phone, so soft phone version of jabber is never being used.

Recently with some users who have special characters in their passwords (like dollar sign '$') we ran into a problem that jabber is not able to control the phone. (Red x on the left bottom corner) We get a CTI error in the logs:


|authenticateUserWithPassword():Unable to authenticate. LDAP error: 49


also RTMT reports CTI error with reason code : -1932787616 so “DIRECTORY_LOGIN_FAILED”

Now, I'm aware that there are bugs out there like CSCuq83589 - "Jabber login through CCMCIP with non-ASCII characters fails" , and the workaround is not to use the special characters. Unfortunately the password policy requires to have special characters... also bug doesn't mention version 10.6 at all, just that this is fixed in 10.5.


My question is what special characters are supported in the jabber passwords for version 10.6?


Release notes does mention some limitations, but not a list of available characters:







Same issue...

Same issue...


Same for us...We have

Same for us...

We have problems with the customer allowing the german characters Ä, Ö and Ü in his passwords.


They do work with Jabber for Windows 10.5(0).

The first time this characters are mentioned in the release notes under "Limitations and Restrictions" is with 10.5(2).


My question is, whether they will be supported again in the next releases. If thats the case, the customer would meanwhile rollout 10.5(0) and wait for the fix.


Thank you


Same issue for us to; still

Same issue for us to; still no fix!

I am wondering why cisco is not able to get a fast fix for this?

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