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Jabber 11.9: issues when migrating from UC 10.5 cluster to UC 11.5 cluster




we have 2 UC clusters:


  1. UC 10.5 (with CUCM, CUP, CUC)
  2. UC 11.5 (with CUCM, CUP, CUC)

The 2 clusters are interconnected by ILS and Inter-Cluster Peering.


Furthemore, we have several Jabber 11.9 clients on both the clusters.


Now, we have to migrate some Jabber clients from 10.5 cluster to 11.5 cluster.


We know that the Jabber client caches the service discovery, so if we change the "Home Cluster"on the User Configuration page of both the CUCM (i.e., we uncheck the flag on the CUCM 10.5 and we check it on the CUCM 11.5), the Jabber client that we want to migrate still connects to the 10.5 cluster.

The only way that we have found to make the Jabber client connect to the 11.5 cluster is to make a "Reset Cisco Jabber", but doing so we lose all the chats, the recents, ...


So, is there a way to force the Jabber client to make the service discovery again, to be able to connect to the UC 11.5 cluster, but without losing all the information?


TIA and regards.

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Have you tried a Help > Refresh Configuration on the Jabber 11.9 client followed by a logout/login?

Hello Jonathan,


yes, we have tried, but it doesn't work...


Other suggestions?



After you change the Home Cluster assignment for the user, where do they appear for an Assigned Presence Node: the 10.5 or 11.5 cluster? The Inter-Cluster Peering should not allow them to be assigned on both clusters simultaneously. The symptoms you describe would suggest they are still assigned on the 10.5 cluster.

Hello Jonathan,


the users that we want to migrate appear only in the 11.5 cluster.



Unless someone else chimes in with a better idea, I suggest opening a TAC case on this one.




We have a similar activity planned as part of testing. Is there any additional configuration / information that you were provided regarding this activity from Cisco ?

Please let me know if there is a link I can refer to.





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