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Jabber 4 windows and extension mobility

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Is it possible to log a extension mobility user into a Jabber 4 windows.

I have seen many post about this but still haven't seen any answers, in the Cucm it's possible at the CSF device to enable extension mobility, but I can't see how to log into it through the jabber client.

regards Bjørn

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I don't believe using extension mobility with Jabber is possible, however it's not really necessary either.  Here's why:

When you log into Jabber with your credentials, it's going to bring up Jabber with your extension and other settings.  Extension mobility just allows you to log into a phone to bring over your extension and settings so it's redundant to the functionality that Jabber provides when you log in.

I do not agree with this, Your softphone on your Jabber client is an extension and that mean if you are in the office with your desk phone logs in with extension mobility you got your directory number at your deskphone, but if you for example. Sitting at home/away from your deskphone will your desk phone in the office still be logged in with your extension, so users must manually log their deskphone out so as not to disturb others when you are not in the office, that happens to be one of the good things about extension mobility that when you log in another place you can will be logged out the previous place.

Another more important part, is Uccx agents, you will not be able to use your extension as CCX agent if you have both a desk phone and a Jabber softphone as CCX does not support shared lines, and since you can not use extension mobility on your Jabber so will end up with having a Device Profile (extension mobility) with your local extension and a Jabber softphone with your local extension. Means shared lines !!

As a solution to this will be.
1--- That you can log into Jabber with Extension Mobility
2--- The Cisco CCX develops to support shared lines as CCX agent.

Until that is in place all Ccx agent can only use Either a Jabber softphone as device, or a deskphone as device. So the flexibility about having one number and muliple devices will not be possible if you are a Ccx agent.


Are there any plans for UCCX to either support shared lines or for Jabber to be able to log into an EM profile? We really want to push Jabber to our UCCX agents but are unable to due to these limitations.

At this time CCX does not have plans to support shared lines. Thanks for your feedback about the use case - we will review this requirement with the Jabber team.

Same here. We cannot deploy Jabber for UCCX for the very same reason stated above

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I agree. This would come in handy for UCCX or normal users.