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Jabber Advance Settings link missing.

We are a virtual environment running Jabber 12.6 on all of our VM's with WIndows 10 LTSB with no issues. We are in the process of setting up a small handful of physical machines that are on Windows 10 Enterprise and we cannot get any version of Jabber from 11.7 all the way up to 12.6 to show the advance settings link on the log in screen. Within the Virtual Environment when we sign out we can get the link but not on this  physical machine. Is there a known compatibility issue with Jabber and Windows 10 Enterprise? We are running CUCM version 11.01.22900-14 and IM and Presence version I don't want to make any enterprise wide setting changes as 98% of the organization is working except for this 1 physical machine. We are going to image this machine to set up two more and would like to get this figured out before rolling them out to other people. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Jabber Advance Settings link missing.

You only get that option after you try to login and it fails to find the SRVs or configuration for that domain.



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Re: Jabber Advance Settings link missing.

Along the same line as Jaime’s response: why do you need the advanced settings option in the first place? If we fix the underlying config issue then we won’t need it in 100% of the environment.

Re: Jabber Advance Settings link missing.

For some reason I am only getting this for this one user on Windows 10 Enterprise. I have 10 other physical machines that it works as expected on but they are running Windows 10 LTSB. I do not get the link even after a failed attempt to log in. We will be upgrading our voice environment in 2 months and can correct the config at that time, I am just trying to get one user up and running and can't figure out why the link is not showing up in any version of Jabber. I have also tried to find the configuration settings that need to be changed and have been having a hard time figuring out what needs to be changed. 


Re: Jabber Advance Settings link missing.

I am having the same issue with Win 10 enterprise. have you found a fix? 


Re: Jabber Advance Settings link missing.

Create a custom .msi to massage the options you want to preset and restore the advanced settings.  The documentation isn't entirely clear on what all the optional values are, but it wasn't too difficult to get the basics down and push a custom install.  This was a must for us as we have both on prem and off prem CUCM clusters with a mix of who is using which one--which isn't so simple just using SRV lookups.


You just need to install Orca and download the proper transform set from Cisco.


Re: Jabber Advance Settings link missing.

You can...

1. Install/Reinstall Cisco Jabber with the following command;

msiexec.exe /i "H:\Path\To\CiscoJabberSetup.msi" CLEAR=1 EXCLUDED_SERVICES=WEBEX,CUCM,CUP

The CLEAR=1 argument replaces the existing bootstrap file. The EXCLUDED_SERVICES along with the 3 services prevents Cisco Jabber from performing service discovery, thus, requiring users to manually login. 

2. Create an Custom Install (MSI) File via Orca. I wanna say, this option allows you to declare a few more arguments vs install command, however, this option is less common today as many jabber-config parameters were moved to Service Profiles. [Requires CUCM v12.5, CUP v12.5 and Jabber v12.X].

3. Edit the existing file located under C drive > ProgramData > Cisco System > Cisco Jabber folder. This option is not bad if you only need to modify one or two workstations for a short period of time. The only downside is... if they reset Cisco Jabber, the original file will be reapplied.

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