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Jabber and Caller ID

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                   Currently , we have Jabber 9.0.4. Build 10773 on our Windows desktops but Caller ID Does not Display during the call nor in our call log. The dialog box displays our phone extension and name and then states caller is for our receptionist phone.

Our call log in Jabber displays my name, instead of the company calling  for the majority of the incoming phone calls. In addition, the log displays cell phone as  just "Wireless".

Is this a bug with Jabber or the programming with our Cisco Phones. Our Phones are older models, IP Phone 7941. If you call my phone directly , the caller ID and the Log works find. So it looks like the programming that directs phone calls to the receptionist may be the problem.

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Todd Volz
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Level 1

I expect that this is a problem with your SIP trunk going to your CUPS or some changes to how you accept the caller-id information on your inbound voice trunks.  I am running CUPS 8.6.4 with Jabber 9.0.5 (9.0.4 for 2 weeks until this morning) and don't have that problem.


Our IT department thinks the issue is because we are a branch office vs where the main office. We are using a Hunt Group at the branches, in which our main number rings all phones but the caller ID is not properly displaying at the other phones. While at the main office the caller ID works correctly.

Any thoughts ?

Thank you for the previous reply