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Jabber client can't control deskphone

We have CUCM 9.1.2 and Presence 9.1 and Jabber for windows 9.7

Am facing issue with Jabber client for windows can't control desk phone as well as  LDAP directory search is not happening.

Configuration part everything seems to be alright and verified.

CTI controlled device is there on user and phone also user associated with device . DN associated with user. I can login to Jabber client, then directory search is not happening also cant control desktop phone.

Here i have attached the problem screenshot as well as report file, wireshark report from client PC.




Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I have that mix of versions in my lab working just fine, I can tell you, you're obviously missing something in the config. Read carefully the config guide, and then follow it to make sure you have all the config in place.

Are all the user/device/line associations in place??

Does the user belongs to the right groups, depending on the device he's using??

Is the CCMCIP config are correct??

As well as the CTI profile??

For directory, do you have the SRVs configured??? Or the necessary config in the jabber-config.xml for that???



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Dear Java

Configuration seems to be alright. I am familiar with configuration.

CCMCIP configured. Also CTI profile configured.

I have attached wireshark output during jabber login, any clues from that.

There is no SRV records configured for jabber login.

Here is the jabber-config file.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<config version="1.0">
<SearchBase1>ou=Default Users,dc=xxxx,dc=xxxx,dc=com</SearchBase1>

-> I will take the directory resolution part first; from the above config i see that you are trying to use; UDS and EDI together in the same file. Can you clarify which would you like to prefer out of the two ; as this otherwise looks to be a conflicting configuration for jabber-config.xml.


-> If you want to use UDS; since you have not mentioned in the notes above have you taken care of the following;

Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Data Service

Cisco Jabber supports UDS using the following Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions:
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 9.1(2) or later with the following COP file: cmterm-cucm-uds-912-5.cop.sgn.
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 10.0(1). No COP file is required.

Check this link for more information;


-> Next if you dont want to use UDS; then you would like to remove it and then test with the EDI config only through your jabber-config.xml.


->Looking at the wireshark it seems that the LDAP binding is successful. Try to stick to one approach and then retest.



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I have removed UDS, But still LDAP status is unknown.




Rajesh Kumar



Hi Rajesh,


I just had the same issue that you are having and resolved it, but being that now Cisco has new phone models of 6900, 8900, or 9900 series along with a new Jabber client version its sometimes hard to determine what the problem is if your end devices are not compatible.  With that said if you have any of these model phones in your environment (6900, 8900 or 9900) I would make sure that within CUCM the end user is within the "Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf " user group.  This is required for the phone models I specified for CTI to take control over the phone model you have.  Also try down grading your Jabber client to 8.6.7 and you should then be able to do a search of users within your directory. Keep in mind Rajesh this is provided your standard base configs are correct. If they are run through the steps I provided and let me know how you do. 

Hi Frantz

"Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf " user group.  I have already configured it.

But downgrading Jabber to 8.6.7, not tried. I feel downgrading is not good option.

Every time recommended to use latest.

It is very difficult to troubleshoot. Always I feel, Cisco never work in first time. Always hidden and undocumented feature....! Always make engineer down.....!

I have cross verified, configuration is done as per the document and it is not the first time we configured. May be I have configured more than 15 times.

But still,  every new version, it will not work....! undocumented feature is big problem with Cisco......! The way cisco jabber implemented/works is itself complicated.....!

Cisco is very good in making simple tasks complicated........!!!!! Let's open TAC case and try....!


Rajesh Kumar






 Your correct. Jabber revisions come out more frequently as they do for  CUCM updates.  So when you upload the latest version of Jabber its not compatible with the current CUCM version your on. Hence is why I down graded my Jabber Client to 8.6.5 and my issue was resolved, based on the same problem you are having.  Try it on your PC and see if it works.

Emmanuel Valdez


I had same issue with version 9.7 of Jabber for Windows and CUCM 9.1.2, I use EDI for integrate Presence and LDAP for Jabber for Windows and BDI for Jabber iPhone and iPad, try with this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<config version="1.0">



































Then erase folder CSF under C:\Users\Example_user\AppData\Roaming\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber

and C:\Users\Example_user\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber

Restart  machine and setup Jabber for windows again.


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