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jabber client status on call / meeting


i have configured jabber clients for mac 8.6.5 and windows 9.1 with our new cups 8.6.4 server

i have enabled calendar integration and this is working really well

too  well :-)

if i have a meeting from 2-3pm my status changes to "in a meeting" but when i pick up the deskphone the status remains in a meeting rather than on a call. if my calendar has no meetings and i pick up the phone it changes the status to on a call.

this is slightly annoying as you often have scheduled meetings (by phone) for 1 hour but are actually only in the meeting for 45 mins, so if the phone status (on a call) could over ride the calendar status that would be better imho. as people may  think you are still attending this meeting but you are actually available, nobody will edit their meeting if it finished early

or is this something that can be configured, i guess i can turn off the calendar integration but it does have its merits so would rather not do so

many thanks

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