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Jabber / CUPS Exchange Integration - Certificate Subject CN Mismatch But Working


I am configuring Cisco CUPS with Exchange 2007 using EWS.

When configuring in CUPS admin I have an error under the Exchange SSL Certificate Verification:

On the config page underneath ping It states a Subject CN mismatch as the domain of the Certificate authority is differrent than that of the Exchange server.

The weird thing is even with this error I have tested a couple of users accounts and it shows that the Exchange Integration is working and that users can update their calendar status using Outlook.

I am intrigued into why this is working when there is a Subject CN mismatch?

Also how reliable is this set-up to continue to work?

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Usually this happens if you have configured the actual server FQDN and the SSL cert assigned to the CAS has a friendly name as the DN.

Server in CUP: exchangecas1.domain.local.

DN in SSL Cert:

Change the servername value in CUP to match the DN listed in the certificate. Make sure that it resolves to the internal IP address of the CAS though from the CUP server.

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The servers are in a differrent domain:


The Certificate has been created from another domain:

I get an Error Message: Subject CN mismatch

For this we are currently working on creating a DNS entry to resolve address or to create a certificate issued from the correct domain.

In the meantime we have found that Calendar integration is working, even with the CN mismatch.

Surely if I get this error message CUPS shouldnt be able to retrieve calendar staus from Exchange?

This is what I am querying

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