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jabber Deskphone Control Display

Hey Guys,


Im using CUCM/IMP 10.5.2  Jabber version. 10.6.4


Each user has an EM Profile, which is listed in their Control Windows etc on their Enduser page. Also they each have a CSF Device, which is also listed the Device CTI window on the Enduser page.


It is my understanding that only the 'CTI' Controlled devices should  appear in the Deskphone Control Menu (bottom left in Jabber client). However, I'm seeing device 'owned' devices aswell as the device Im logged into.


In the below/attached example, My jabber client sees "Cisco 8945 - Eden WSS - 459" & "Cisco 8945 - Logged Out Phone". The "Eden" Phone is just owned by my user, not cti controlled and the "Logged Out Phone" is the actual HW phone my EM profile is logged into. This should display my EM Profile Name I believe. When I do lift the handset, I see unknown in the Jabber Call Control Window.


Any assistance would be appreciated.




VIP Advisor

I just checked, and  the

I just checked, and  the phones available for "use my phone for calls", are defined in the user management pages for a particular user, by associating the devices that that user has control over.

(in addition to CTI controlled device profiles).


It is separate from the "device owner definition".


so is your Eden phone associated with your user ID? If you only use extension mobility to be controlled as far as I know, you should only have to set CTI controlled profile in the user pages and point it to your user device profile.


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exactly.. the Eden phone is

exactly.. the Eden phone is not CTI controlled.. but lists my user as the owner (device configuration page).. So I would have thought it does not show in Jabber? But it does..


If I do select the Eden phone in Jabber.. displays a red cross as obviously my user doesnt have rights to CTI control the device..



VIP Advisor

so have you added the device

so have you added the device profile as CTI controlled to your user in the user management pages?.



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yes I have. However Jabber

yes I have. However Jabber displays as "Logged Out Phone" and not my EM Profile Name. As in the above image.


Logged Out Phone is the physical phone description.

Ben,    Do you use _cisco-uds


    Do you use _cisco-uds SRV for service discovery or login manually by providing the IP of presence? If it is the first method, then we need to see the output of the below URL when you type it in the browser:

https://<IP of CUCM>:8443/cucm-uds/user/<userid>/devices

If the deskphone is seen in the output, it explains why Jabber displays it.


Cisco TAC






Hi Sankar, I have had this

Hi Sankar, I have had this issue a number of times where customers have complained about this, I previously had not been given an explanation from TAC like you have stated here, only that it was working as designed. I have just checked this URL and it does display the extension mobility phone that the owner is assigned to in the XML code.

However Cisco recommend that Jabber should always be configured for service discovery and we would never configure it to manually login.

More of my customers seem to use CTI deskphone control that softphone mode so this really does need to be addressed. We have this situation because of the licensing model that Cisco has implemented using the Owner User ID and it causes much confusion because you can only see the device description which often is not descriptive enough especially if they are Extension mobility phones. Do you know if a bug or enchancement has been raised for this as this is a big issue and one customers do not like one bit.

Cisco Employee

hi here is an enhancement

hi here is an enhancement filed discussing the point you have raised;

Please rate if this helps.


Amit Kumar


Hi Ben

Hi Ben

We had exactly the same issue and we noticed the trigger seemed to be when you had controlled multiple physical phones due to extension mobility users moving about to different phones, from this point onwards you always got the 2 phone profiles under "use my phone for calls" and like yours we also had them labelled Logged Out so it was confusing for users. However users who stayed static didn't seem to get the issue.

We upgraded to Jabber 11.X and this has fixed the issue.

Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe

Preston Lancashire England

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