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Jabber for Android - Contact Display issue

Hi All,

I'm running into an unusual issue where the contact photos displayed in the Jabber for Android client change to a single user's photo (Mike Bloggs)

The change of photo is usually triggered when I move connectivity to MRA. i.e I turn wireless off in Android OS and use mobile data.

Once I change to external connectivity using UDS Directory, some photos in my contacts change to Mike Blogg's photo.

Which contacts photo change is quite intermittent however I have noticed the following:

  • Federated users (Lync Users) usually change to Mike Blogg's photo
  • Federated users (Lync Users) with no thumbnail photo is AD do not change to Mike Blogg's photo
  • Jabber users sometimes change to Mike Blogg's photo usually after viewing their profile

There is no external website for contact photo resolution while on UDS. So I would have assumed the Jabber for Android client would just cache the contact photos when connected on the internal wireless network and use them if available when connected via UDS.

Mike Bloggs is not one of my contacts, however he is a user on the AD Domain.



Jabber for Android running on Samsung Galaxy II

IM&P version =

Microsoft Active Directory (2008 R2)

Split DNS. (External DNS Domain =, Internal DNS Domain = & example.local)

Interdomain federation within an enterprise:

  • IM&P Presence SIP Domain = (
  • Lync Presence SIP Domain = (

AD Domain = example.local

_cisco-uds SRV record available on both internal DNS domains

_collab-edge SRV record only available on external DNS domain

Users sign into the Jabber client as "sAMAccount@example.local".

EDI and BDI  set to use "msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress" as Directory URI in Jabber config file

EDI and BDI set to use SIP URI to resolve contacts as Jabber config file

msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress is being indexed in the Global catalogue server


See atttached Jabber-config file.






Tapan Dutt
Cisco Employee


With MRA Jabber for Mobile and windows only support UDS.

Few questions:

How do Jabber for windows and Jabber Mobile get there photos when they are in the internal LAN?

Is it possible to host Photos on a web server?  If yes include the tags in the XML file as mentioned below,

Please try the following tags in the XML file 


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<config version="1.0">



<UdsServer>Ip address of CUCM Pub</UdsServer>






Hi Tapan,

Thanks for the reply.

In regards to

How do Jabber for windows and Jabber Mobile get there photos when they are in the internal LAN?

In Cisco documentation it states that Cisco Jabber can discover Directory Servers using  _gc._msdcs._tcp.example.local or _ldap._msdcs._tcp.example.local SRV records, however we don't have these exact records. We do have other SRV’s like _gc._tcp.example.local, and _ldap._tcp.example.local.

I assume, Jabber for Windows is using the _cisco-uds SRV record to locate CUCM which has the Directory Servers within the UC profile and also downloads the Jabber-config.xml file. The PhotoSource "thumbnailPhoto" attribute is configured in the Jabber-config file.

I assume, Jabber for Android is using the cisco-uds SRV record to locate CUCM to download the Jabber-config.xml file. Within the Jabber-config file has the BDIPrimaryServerName,BDISecondaryServerName and the BDIPhotoSource as "thumbnailPhoto"


We have an internal server which has employee photos. We could allow connection through to this from the outside via an F5 reverse proxy, however based on my research, the Jabber connection requires the ability to connect anonymously. This would not be allowed based on our security policies.

I would be happy to instruct users to connect to the internal network first to cache contact photos, however getting a rogue "Mike Bloggs" contact photo for your contacts when connected from the outside would not be satisfactory.





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