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Jabber for iPad and VCS-e

Have a puzzling problem.

I have 2 iPads both with Jabber for iPad installed. 

One is fully configured with account information to a WebEx Telepresence, and all of the Company-provided Accounts.

I can register to either my VCS-c or VCS-e with no problem

The Second iPad I am configuring to connect to just the VCS-e. 

Problem,  It does not see the the VCS-e.  But from the browser, I can hit the web  interface of the VCS-e so I know that the DNS is being resolved  correctly.

The problem is the same if I use the DNS or the IP address.

I  want to keep the internal server address blank al though I have tried  having the VCS-e address in both fields and it still does not work.

Here is the PRT zip file from last night.  I have removed and reinstalled and it does not change.

Anyone have any ideas?

Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

HI Richard.  Seems the DNS is resolving ok it appears, but i don't understand the connection to interface 172 address is causing a problem here.  Failing to establish SSL Connection:

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF:on_login_progress 0 :

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: Signaling :     Received DNS result:

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF:on_login_progress 0 :

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: Signaling :     Sent SUBSCRIBE for to using transport auto

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: SIP : SipEvNotify() Sending SubscribeReq cSeq:301

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: SIP : SipTrnsp: IP address or maddr in URL, sending Req to ''

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: SIP : SipTrnsp: Changing port for SIP TLS AUTO from -1 to 5061

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: SIP : SipTrnsp(si=-1) SipSockMap_allocate: allocate 0 (global -1) type=PROXY   

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: SIP : SipTrnsp_doNETConnectCnf: connection to interface:

TTSSL_continueHandshake: Failed to establish SSL connection

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: SIP : SipTrnsp_Ready_doNETSslRej: err 2

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: Signaling :     User notification:  Login failed. (9)

    The following information was received:(unable to connect to vcse01)

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: Provisioning :     Provisioning failed: SERVER_NOT_FOUND/unable to connect to vcse01

Wed Sep 19 16:56:14 2012

: TAF: SIP :  no need to De-Register, since state is INACTIVE


Do you know what that address is?  Not sure why ONLY this Ipad is causing a beef with connecting to VCS-E.  Is the configurations exactly the same as Ipad 1 that is working?  If you take the credentials for RichMTraveler and put it on the Ipad that is working, I assume it works?  Can we see the log from the working one maybe?




the 172 network is our internal wireless network.  This same  behavior is being seen when I am at home on my private 192.168 network   And I have a customer that is seeing the same tyoe of behavior trying to  register to our VCSe.

PC's seem to be working with no problem, so it is something with the iPad.

when  in the office with second iPad, it can connect when I have something in  both server fields, but it is registering to the VCSe.

It fails if I have the vcse01 address in both fields.

Hi Richard,

as pointed by Patrick it seems everything working properly, however at point where it should send the registration it fails to establish the SSL connection.

Once the provisioning starts the jabber used the same TCP session till the point it receives the provisioning data. once it gets the provisioned data, it closed the TCP session and for registration start a new TCP session.

can you check if the laptop on wireless is able to register the jabber for telepresence client ? i know the jabber windows working as you said, but was that PC on wireless or wired?



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