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Jabber for IPad Directory Issue

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Level 3


I'm been beating my head against this issue for the last couple of days and I think a new idea would be extremely helpful!

Problem: No Corporate Directory being shown at all.

Jabber for IPad client Version 9.1

CUCM 8.5

CUP 8.6(3)

Microsoft AD Environment

Every single other client I have can access the corp directory (Android, Windows, CUPC)  and I'm getting Presence and Contact list on the jabber for ipad client. Can anyone maybe post a screenshot of the product specific device fields or offer a sugestion? I've followed the Admin guide, but have obviously missed something :/


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Hi Gareth,

I noticed this too.  It depends on where you are searching from within the client. 

If you are logged into the Presence Client - then your search is from the ldap profile assigned on CUPS to the end user.

If you are searching from within the CUCM portion of the client it uses the product specific section of the TABXXX client on CUCM

LDAP Server           FQDN.domain:389

LDAP Username     i have used the same one as for my LDAP directory Distinguisged Name\domain(without the ".local")

LDAP Search base     DC=xxxx,DC=local

LDAP field Mappings      mainPhoneNumber=ipPhone

we also have in the

"reserved" field the domain  domain=xxxx.local

hope this helps




Thanks for your help! I've narrowed down the issue (after just logging into cucm and having no issues) to the Presence side of this.

My issue is that the search context I am using in CUP is dc=xxx,dc=local;&(ipPhone=*) which limits the directory to just those users with an IpPhone field that is populated.

This works fine for jabber for windows and CUPC, but not so well for Jabber for ipad/iphone. If I remove that ;&(ipPhone=*), I see the directory in all clients, but now I can see all 50k+ users instead of the ones with the ipphone field populated.

Anyone have any ideas?


Hi Gareth,

I believe it is a fault as we have the same issue which has been logged to TAC. It has been with them for a couple of weeks now so I don't think there is any real certainty with an answer. My latest reponse they are checking with the development team.

As you found any character after dc=xxx,dc=local will cause no results found whether just the ; character or ;&(ipPhone=*).

I don't quite understand why things work differently on different jabber clients, Cisco may have a reason but it becomes very frustrating.

If I receive any update from TAC case I will post back.




Thanks for that! Saves me from continuing to slam my head against the cisco branded brick wall for another day!


Hi Gareth,

Got the response from TAC, not really what we hoped for.

Jabber for windows: “ ;(ipPhone=*)” in jabber-config.xml is a Filter.

Jabber for Ipad: “ ;(ipPhone=*)” in search context is a search base which will not be accepted by LDAP.

I then asked why does the search context work for the CUPC client prior to Jabber for Windows, the reply
was "the DE's said Jabber for IPAD is using different coding hence it will treat search context as search base"

He asked me to push a feature enhancement through our Acct Manager which I have.

Hope that helps.


Hi Mal,

Thanks for the info! I'll also pass this along to our Cisco Account manager and see if we can get him to slap the devs around to get this done.

Since everyone I've talked to about this uses ldap filters for everything, I'm not sure what Cisco was thinking in leaving this out.