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Jabber for iPhone does not keep wifi alive

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I am using a Cisco WLC 5508 on latest software with 1142 WAPs using HREAP mode and WPA2 with PEAP authentication with iPhones. I can connect to wifi without issue once the device is turned on, but when using Jabber for iPhone, when the screen if off, eventually the wifi goes to sleep as well and Jabber loses connection.

This was working before with iPhone 4 and iOS 4 but since upgrading to iOS 5.x I haven't been able to trust Jabber and still have to carry a 7921.  Any tips on getting the wifi to stay alive?

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Hello Leonardo,

i believe there still is an issue.

I have opened a TAC #624153313 after getting asked some "standard" questions from TAC i haven´t heard back from TAC since now. Even though i answered them!

I updated the case recently but unfortunatly still no answer.

I have a similar setup to the original posting:

- WLC 5508

- 1262 AGN

- 802.1X TLS

- iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S

What i noticed is, that not all of the phones behave like that. My own ( iPhone 4) is connected al the time.

I did some tests with the "not working" ones.

What i noticed yet:

Leaving the site (wifi) and coming back to the campus some 3GS will not automatically reregister with CUCM.

Have you turned on "mobile network use" and / or "low bandwidth" ?

If you not have a setup wich coveres "mobile network use" ( ASA / AnyConnect / Jabber ) then leave "mobile network use" off.

Greetings from Germany


Carlos Arellano
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Any update from TAC?, I'm having the same issue with iPhone 5, jabber 9.0.2, and CUCM 8.0.3

any idea will be helpfully.


Currenty it is working properly with my iPhone 5, Jabber, CM 8.5

Hi all.
Some news and questions:

What i have found is, that when the iphone looses Connection to the cellular carrier, jabber connection also breaks and does not automatically log back in to cucm.
Tested on iPhone 3GS.

Could you confirm / reproduce that?

Some Version info:
Cucm be 6k on ucs 6000 latest version 9.1-2000
Latest jabber for iOS
Latest jabber sip profile settings according to the config guide
Latest iOS Version for iPhone 3GS

Greetings from Germany

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

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Looks like this is still not working with Jabber 9.1.2.

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Hi there,

I'm facing the same problem here.

Ipone 5 and jabber with BE6000 9.1

Actually, if the app "Jabber IM" is started as well, the WiFi keeps online an no disconnections over the AnyConnect.

Any hints, news out there?




Any news on this?

Hi there,

Maybe this is helping..... It works for me (at the moment ;-):

Setup ASA for Anyconnect mobility:

Disabling keepalive for the client:



Daniel Gomez
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Has anyone found a solution for this?

I have a customer that seems to be facing this issue.

Jabber for iPhone will register correctly a first time but if user disconnects from wireless network, jabber may not reconnect back again.

Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't unless we do a reset of the device directly on CUCM.

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Still not working with iOS 7 and the latest Jabber version is not supported on iPad2 with iOS7 yet.

If only wifi is enabled on the iPhone (cellular data off) it seems to work. Vice verse as well.

I guess Apple and Cisco are not keen to get this done......


You would think that the new iOS 7 feature called 'Background App Refresh' would help keep the WiFi on for the Jabber App.

Jabber is not one of them in "background app refresh"


Create separate SIP Profiles for iPad, iPhone, and Android with the following values (the defaults are not really cool)


Timer Register Delta 5

Timer Register Expires 660

Timer Keep Alive Expires 660

Timer Subscribe Expires 660

Timer Subscribe Delta


Timer Register Delta 60

Timer Register Expires 660

Timer Keep Alive Expires 660

Timer Subscribe Expires 660

Timer Subscribe Delta


Timer Register Delta 120

Timer Register Expires 720

Timer Keep Alive Expires 720

Timer Subscribe Expires 720

Timer Subscribe Delta 15