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Jabber for Windows 9.1 get message could not be delivered.


Everytime I message a co-worker for the first time every day I get this error


Then when he responds it doesn't have his name listed. i.e. (his responce is "just once")

To which I said hrm!!

Very odd. It seems that he is the only person that this happens to.

We have rebuilt his cisco framework softphone. (Razor blade icon)

I deleted my win 7 profile cache in both local and roaming.


That didn't work for me, and it isn't a "fix" it's a workaround.  Other workarounds have been to bounce Jabber for both users involved, migrate the user to a different node, and blow away the local configuration folders.  None of these are a fix, though.  It's a bug, for sure, but I'm trying to narrow it down to either rCUPS or Jabber so I'm not spending 5 hours on the phone with TAC running through a script.

This worked for me! Thanks David!


Hi Paul,

What Jabber 4 Windows version are you running?  Are  your userID and mailID in the same format?  There is a bug starting with  Jabber 9.2.4 with visual voicemail.  Basically if User A call User B  and left User B a message, User B will not be able to send User A  anymore instant message until they delete the visual voicemail message  and remove the caching info in the user's local CSF and voicemail  folder.  This is due to IM address being changed due to visual voicemail integration.  Version 9.6 and  9.2.6 appeared to resolve the issue. 

CSCuj48084 Bug Details

Jabber changes IM of contacts from whom user has voicemail messages 


User is unable to IM certain contacts. Sees error "Message to XXX, XXX could not be delivered." in chat window.

When right-click on contact to view profile, IM address incorrectly set to email address.


When running Jabber for Windows 9.2.4, with visual Voicemail connected to Unity Connection, receive a voicemail from a user on your contact list.


Permanently delete voicemail message from that user, then sign out of Jabber and sign back in.

Further Problem Description: 

Paul McGurn
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

When it's saying that the IM address is being overridden to email, is that on the machine viewing the profile, or the machine of the user the profile describes?  Our Unity mail ID is identical to the CUPS IM address, in any case.

I'm on 9.2.6 and the user I'm able to reproduce the erro with is on 9.2.4.  I've never left him a voicemail, and he's never left me one.  I deleted the %appdata% and %localappdata% folders on his machine, as well.\

I found  CSCuc81728 in teh bug toolkit as well, but it's about as generic as it gets as far as descriptions go.  I opened a TAC case, in the interim.

I am having this issue with 9.2.4 and 9.2.6 with multiple users. 

Jessica Cochran

We have this issue occuring as well with a few users, but not everyone

Anything new we could try?

We are running V 9.1.1 Presence and then Jabber v9.7.0



Same problem here. IM&P 9.1 and Jabber 9.7.0 and 9.7.1

Anyone find out the solution?




Upgrade your CUP server to the latest version of 9.1.3 minor relese.

This recommendation was provided by Cisco TAC and helped me in the case I encountered.




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